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  • Aug 10, 2014

    Feel Great, Look Better, Save Time | FULL SHOW | #53


    [Get comfortable with your body. Dr. Roshini Raj explains how to look and feel your best. Then, from Jeneration PR, Jen Berson explains her golden rules to help mom-prenues sane

    Segment 1: Ask Questions
    Do you have body concerns that you’re too embarrassed to go over with your doctor? Don’t be! Dr. Roshini Raj stresses that you need to look after your health & wellness, and you can start by asking questions.

    Segment 2: Sleeping Beauty
    Focus on beauty inside and out! Author of “What the Yuck? The Freaky & Fabulous Truth About Your Body,” Dr. Raj gives tips to boost your health and wellness for incredible skin.

    Segment 3: Look Your Best
    Stressed, overworked, and tired? Getting a good night’s rest and five minutes of exercise is just what the doctor ordered! Then, Dr. Roshini Raj explains why she incorporated probiotics into her skin care line, TULA.

    Segment 4: Make a To Do List
    Are you a mom-preneur? One of our favorite moms on the go, Jennifer Berson is on the show to share seven tips to keep your sanity, manage your time, and STILL have plenty of time for the kids.

    Segment 5: Power Hour
    Be a better example for your kids. Get balanced and set boundaries so that work doesn’t seep into family time. CEO of Jenneration PR, Jen Berson explains why she loved the nap time power hour.

    Segment 6: Positive and Proud
    Jennifer Berson offers tips to propel your business to the next level like; share your passion for what you love, and surround yourself with people who energize and motivate you.


    Host: Bettina Bush
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Dr. Roshini Raj
    Jennifer Berson

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