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  • Jun 21, 2016

    Essential Life Lessons | FULL SHOW | #133


    The tantrums. The lying. The attitude. Kid’s are wonderful, aren’t they? Let’s face it, we don’t always have little angels. That’s why we’ve brought in Elaine Rose Glickman, author of “Your Kid’s a Brat and It’s all Your Fault.” Hopefully we can all learn something to make or lives a bit easier. We also hear from Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot, about home businesses, parenting, and finding a balance between the two. | Download Full Episode #133


    Segment 1: The Terrible Twos (and threes, fours, fives…) | Download Segment 1
    You know the scene: you take your family out to a restaurant for dinner, fully expecting the kids to behave like angels as they have all day. What you didn’t anticipate is a nightmarish evening of thrown food, pouting, sibling squabbles, and a full-blown tantrum to round it off. Elaine Rose Glickman (@elaineglickman) knows the drill, and she’s even written a book to help you get through the hardest times, “Your Kid’s a Brat and It’s All Your Fault.”


    Segment 2: Whose Responsibility is it, Anyway? | Download Segment 2
    As mothers, we think it’s our job to make our children happy all the time. Elaine Rose Glickman (@elaineglickman) is here to tell us that it just isn’t true. It’s time to change the way you think, both for your own sake and your kid’s. Find out how in this segment.


    Segment 3: Importance of Being Honest | Download Segment 3
    We want to give our kids the best of everything, but should we? Elaine Rose Glickman (@elaineglickman) shares with us the importance of being upfront with your kids about money and teaching them the value of being responsible with finances. We also explore a problem that plagues every child at some point: lying.


    Segment 4: Let There Be Feelings | Download Segment 4
    Kids swing through a huge range of emotions (sometimes very rapidly) and not all of those emotions are positive. Even though we want to protect our kids from the things that hurt them, it is important to allow them to have their own feelings. According to Elaine Rose Glickman (@elaineglickman), we need to give our children back their right to feel guilty, sad, or fearful, without shielding them.


    Segment 5: You Create Your Future | Download Segment 5
    The unexpected can happen…well, unexpectedly. Jessica Herrin (@JessicaHerrin), creator of The Wedding Channel and CEO of Stella & Dot (@stelladot), never meant for her life to head in the direction it has, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Now she is here to give us her insight on what it takes to be fulfilled (and successful) in your work, and what you can do to bring that spark into your life.


    Segment 6: What You Can Do | Download Segment 6
    Jessica Herrin (@JessicaHerrin), author of “Finding Your Extraordinary,” is also a mother. She knows first-hand how hard it can be to run a business while also running a home. Tune in to hear what she has learned over the years.


    Host: Bettina Bush
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

    Special Guests:
    Elaine Rose Glickman
    Jessica Herrin

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