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  • Mar 22, 2015

    Caring For Your Child | FULL EPISODE | #82


    Whether your child is atypical or not, caring for them effectively can be a difficult journey. Rita Eichenstein, PhD, helps us understand the struggle of parenting atypical children. Tammy Gold has the information you need to select a worthy nanny for your child.

    Segment 1: Parents Need Help Too
    The rate of diagnosis of mental illnesses for children has risen by 72% in the past five years. Neuropsychologist Rita Eichenstein, PhD’s new book, “Not What I Expected”, has information to help parents deal with the wide range of emotions and problems they encounter as care givers.

    Segment 2: A Helping Hand
    The range of emotions parents go through when they realize their child is atypical can be similar to grieving. Eichenstein’s book can help you navigate these emotional stages and the traps along the way.

    Segment 3: Primal Instinct
    Deep down, we are wired in a very primal way. Rita Eichenstein, PhD explains how parental instincts can cause parents to seem hostile, or fall for unorthodox medical practices in a search for a ‘cure’.

    Segment 4: Caring for Atypical Children
    In the hunt for answers, parents of atypical children can become addicted to researching alternative solutions. Rita Eichenstein, PhD urges us to seek professional consultation to ensure correct care at the right developmental stages of your child’s life.

    Segment 5: Find the Right Nanny
    Having trouble finding the right nanny for your child? Author of “Secrets Of The Nanny Whisperer”,Tammy Gold, explains the link between having a worthy caregiver and the emotional health of a child.

    Segment 6: Constancy of Care
    Stability and consistency breeds confidence for children. Everybody who’s involved in the caregiving process needs to be on the same page.


    Host: Bettina Bush
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Rita Eichenstein, PhD
    Tammy Gold

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