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  • Oct 13, 2016

    And Baby Makes Three | FULL SHOW | #147


    This episode is all about babies! Lovable, exhausting, darling babies. They make us laugh, they make us want to tear our hair out, and they bring with them an experience like no other. Here to help with pregnancy and post birth difficulties are Dr. Deena Blanchard and Dr. Alice Domar. Let’s see what these ladies can do to make our lives a little easier! | Download Full Episode #147


    Segment 1: A Child is Born | Download Segment 1
    No feeling in the world compares to that of being a new mother. The joy, the exhilaration, and of course…the fear. Am I holding them right? Are they hungry? What do I do?! A huge source of stress for new mothers comes from breastfeeding. Here to share her less than ideal experience, as well as some tips on how to cope, is Dr. Deena Blanchard from Premier Pediatrics. Hopefully her story will help you feel a little less alone.


    Segment 2: Managing Expectations | Download Segment 2
    It can be so easy for new mothers to feel like failures. We often think we’re supposed to know everything instinctively, but that’s not the case! Dr. Deena Blanchard from Premier Pediatrics talks with Bettina about managing expectations and keeping your thoughts positive.


    Segment 3: Shouldn’t This Be Easy? | Download Segment 3
    Going into motherhood, did you know that one of the most challenging experiences you can have is breastfeeding? It’s supposed to be natural and simple, or so we think. It turns out that for many women, this isn’t the case. Listen to Dr. Deena‘s story for more.


    Segment 4: One Last Thing | Download Segment 4
    Dr. Deena Blanchard leaves us with some parting words of wisdom, including re-framing your negative language to stop self-shaming, exploring all of your options, and always being open to advice.


    Segment 5: Finding Calm | Download Segment 5
    Sure, pregnancy can be a beautiful and magical experience. But much of the time, it’s just downright tough! Dr. Alice Domar recognized the need for more communication about the unpleasant parts of pregnancy, and wrote a book: “Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom.” Listen in for more info.


    Segment 6: Tips for Expecting Moms | Download Segment 6
    Dr. Alice Domar fills us in on some tips that are included in her book, “Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom.” Helpful hints include how to deal with moodiness brought on by nausea, insomnia, and what you can do to achieve a better night’s sleep.


    Host: Bettina Bush
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

    Special Guests:
    Dr. Deena Blanchard
    Dr. Alice Domar

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