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  • Dec 15, 2018

    The Shell Pioneering Performance Stage at SEMA 2018, Part 2 | #357


    The action from the Shell Pioneering Performance Stage is back for our final episode of coverage from SEMA 2018. Among those affected by the string of hurricanes these past few years was legendary designer and CEO of Hennessey Performance, John Hennessey. That’s why he’s very appreciative of Nissan’s Paws One Titan XD, as well as his Shell and Pennzoil extended family that helped him through the crisis of Hurricane Harvey. We also learn more about the Hennessey Venom F5, which is set to break the 300 mph production car barrier. Next up, Brembo North America President and CEO, Dan Sandberg, shares how they’re using the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to design the toughest brakes in the industry. Then, Dan is joined by Automotive Journalists, Nik Miles, and Automotive/Motorcycle Industry Insider Mike Caudill, from Our Auto Expert to discuss the Nissan Paws One Titan XD and Nexen Tire’s ‘American Muscle for American Heroes’ initiative. Changing lanes, eBay Motors Parts and Accessories Senior Director, Jordan Hettinga, gives us some astounding stats about the presence of eBay motors, including a catalog of 80 million car parts. Shifting gears, Owner of the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (Bullitt – ‘559), Sean Kiernan, Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) President, Mark Gessler, and Barn Find Hunter” Host, Tom Cotter, chronicle the unique history of Steve McQueen’s legendary film-car. Tom also issues a warning: rust never sleeps, so keep your vehicles out of the weather! Then, “Big Chris” Smith and Dennis Collins of Black Mountain Jeep, and Restore A Muscle Car and Operator, Dave Hall, trade wild car stories, pay their respects to industry icon Chip Foose, and talk about their favorite classics. Closing out the show, Koester Racing Driver, Larry Koester, Tjin Edition Roadshow Automotive Designer, Neil Tjin, and his son, Collin Tjin, talk about the therapeutic properties of getting behind the wheel and going for a drive. We also learn about Tjin family projects, including a Ford Mustang design-off between father and son, in conjunction with Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Don’t miss the final episode of SEMA 2018 coverage.


    ·[00:00:00] The Shell Pennzoil Extended Family
    ·[00:07:18] Making Memories and Fast Cars
    ·[00:12:31] Brembo Uses the Power of A.I.
    ·[00:19:52] Nissan Titan Paws One Rescue Rig
    ·[00:26:04] American Muscle for American Heroes
    ·[00:35:52] 80 Million Car Parts on eBay Motors
    ·[00:42:12] Wild Ride of the Steve McQueen Bullitt
    ·[00:49:52] Rust Never Sleeps, Keep Cars Under Wraps
    ·[00:54:44] A Benevolent Soul, and Bull Run Stories
    ·[01:02:04] Blazers, Ramchargers, and Coffee Walk
    ·[01:10:44] Fast N’ Loud and Favorite Cars
    ·[01:18:05] Therapy of Driving, and Young Blood


    [00:00:00] The Shell Pennzoil Extended Family
    Thousands of people and countless animals were displaced when Hurricane Harvey barreled through Texas in 2017. Among those people was Hennessey Performance CEO, John Hennessey, which is why it warmed his heart to hear from his Shell/Pennzoil family, reaching out with helping hands during the disaster. Another group set on a mission to offer relief during these annual disasters is Nissan with their Paws One rescue truck initiative. Also, tune in to learn more about the Hennessey Venom F5 and it’s progress on hitting the much sought after 300 mph production car mark.


    [00:07:18] Making Memories and Fast Cars
    As Alan recounts the story about Jay Leno’s introduction into the car hobby between the ages of 10 and 12, when a benevolent old man let him sit in his 1954 Jaguar. He continues the tradition to this day, letting kids sit in his sweet rides to pass the hobby along to the next generation. Then, Hennessey Performance CEO and legendary car designer, John Hennessey, shares how he’s pushing the boundaries of supercars with the Venom F5. Also, find out about the high demand for the high-octane customized Ford Raptors that John expertly crafts; he got three orders in one day at SEMA!


    [00:12:31] Brembo Uses the Power of A.I.
    When it comes to stopping power, nobody does it better than Brembo, but being the best isn’t good enough when you’re a world class manufacturer. President and CEO of Brembo North America, Dan Sandberg, explains how they’ve tapped into the power of artificial intelligence, not to conquer man, but to build the toughest, lightest brakes possible. Using algorithms and 4D analysis, Brembo’s A.I. designed the BM6 Caliper, the stiffest brake they’ve ever made. Find out why Brembo Brakes are a must-have on any vehicle.


    [00:19:52] Nissan Titan Paws One Rescue Rig
    600,000 animals died or were displaced during Hurricane Katrina, and the numbers can’t be much better for the storms in recent years. As a dog lover, Automotive Journalist for Our Auto Expert, Nik Miles, couldn’t sit idly by, he pitched an idea for an animal rescue rig to Nissan and thus was born the Paws One Titan XD. This kennel, C3 raft, 16,000 lb equipped pick-up is ready to wade through treacherous territory with it’s 6 ½ inch lift to rescue your neighborhood’s pets in the event of a natural disaster. Learn more about the Nissan Paws One Titan X, here!


    [00:26:04] American Muscle for American Heroes
    If the VA can’t take care of the men and women who fight for our freedom abroad, then Automotive Journalist for Our Auto Expert, Mike Caudill, and Nexen Tire will. With contributions from several companies, including Dodge, charity initiative “American Muscle for American Heroes” plans to give a souped up Dodge Challenger to American Purple Heart recipients once a quarter. Discover more about this heart-felt initiative at Then, we learn why a 2019 MINI Cooper Countryman JCW, 2018 Porsche S Turbo, and a 1975 Ford Bronco rank among the favorite cars of Nik Miles, Dan Sandberg, and Mike Caudill, respectively.


    [00:35:52] 80 Million Car Parts on eBay Motors
    Did you know that 81% of the products sold on eBay are new? The veteran auction site may not be the same premier online used marketplace that we knew and loved, but eBay is still going strong. eBay Motors Parts and Accessories Senior Director, Jordan Hettinga, gives us some interesting statistics about the state of the company and it’s expansive eBay Motors section. If you see something at SEMA, chance are you can find it on eBay in it’s 80 million strong parts catalog. Also, find out why eBay is very proud of their charitable auctions with NASCAR.


    [00:42:12] Wild Ride of the Steve McQueen Bullitt
    In 1974, a classified ad in “Road and Track” began a certain Ford Mustang’s long journey back into the public eye. Sean Kiernan shares the story of the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (Bullitt – ‘559) which starred in the iconic chase scene in the 1968 film, “Bullitt”. After Sean’s father picked up the car, he stored it in the barn after it was used as a daily driver for his wife, a 3rd grade catholic school teacher. Fast forward 39 years to SEMA 2016 where Sean and Historic Vehicle Association President, Mark Gessler, worked on getting the story of this amazing vehicle out to the public. Find out why “Barn Find Hunter” Host, Tom Cotter, this is the kind of barn find that makes every kid dream of finding buried treasure.

    [00:49:52] Rust Never Sleeps, Keep Cars Under Wraps
    Coming across your dream barn find car may be tougher than you thought, are you contributing to the problem? “Barn Find Hunter” Host, Tom Cotter, relays an important message: Rust never sleeps, if you can get it inside a barn or under an overhang, it makes a world of difference. Hear some great barn find stories from Tom, Alan, and the crew at SEMA 2018.

    [00:54:44] A Benevolent Soul, and Bull Run Stories
    Sometimes all it takes to make it is meeting the right guy at the right time. Black Mountain Jeep President and Owner, Dennis Collins, tells the story of the time he and Richard Rawlings approached Chip Foose at SEMA to get his autograph and bend his ear on a new TV show idea. Luckily, Chip is one of the nicest guys in the industry and had lunch with them. The legendary car designer exudes benevolence and talent, and we’re grateful our hobby has him. Also, find out how a dead snake almost landed Alan in jail during the Bull Run with Black Mountain Jeep Global brand Manager, “Big Chris” Smith, and Restore a Muscle Car Owner and Operator, Dave Hall.


    [01:02:04] Blazers, Ramchargers, and Coffee Walk
    Well-kept Chevrolet Blazers, Dodge Ramchargers, and Ford Broncos are rare finds, so when Alan told Black Mountain Jeep Global Brand Manager, “Big Chris” Smith, President and Owner, Dennis Collins, and Restore a Muscle Car Owner and Operator, Dave Hall, that he got a 1974 Chevrolet K5 Blazer for $1,800, offers flew around. Then, we find out how Restore a Muscle Car operates. While they do love their Trans Ams, the crew at Restor a Muscle Car does everything from classic cars to modern automobiles. Changing gears, Dennis takes us on one of his Friday morning Coffee Walks through the mind’s eye. Don’t miss out, visit to watch these end of the week pick-me-up videos.


    [01:10:44] Fast N’ Loud and Favorite Cars
    Fast N’ Loud is already filming for episodes that will run in 2020!? Collins Bros Jeep President and Owner, Dennis Collins, sheds a little light on the production schedule of Discovery’s famed automotive reality show. Also, we find out why the green Ford Mustang convertible they built for Jarred Ricky, which ended up back in their hands, has become one of Richard Rawlings’ favorite cars. Speaking of favorite cars, we ask Dennis, Restore a Muscle Car’s Dave Hall, and Black Mountain Jeep’s “Big Chris” Smith, what theirs are. Also, we hear how Dennis was able to win Kuwait Concours with a very special car named “Goldie”.

    [01:18:05] Therapy of Driving, and Young Blood
    Nothing can keep our next guest down, not even losing his legs. Koester Racing’s Larry Koester gives the quick version of his story and how it helped him discover the therapeutic properties of driving. Then, Neil and Collin Tjin, a father-son duo from Tjin Edition Roadshow, discuss the sights and experiences they’ve witnessed at SEMA 2018. Also, learn about Collin’s victory over his father in a Mustang design competition, judged by Ford.


    Explore More with Helpful Links:

    ·Contributor: John Hennessey | CEO, Hennessey Performance

    ·Contributor: Dan Sandberg | President and CEO, Brembo North America

    ·Contributor: Dennis Collins | President and Owner, Collins Bros Jeep/ Black Mountain Jeep

    ·Guest: Nik Miles | Automotive Journalist/ Contract Anchor, Our Auto Expert/ FOX Sports
    ·Guest: Mike Caudill | Automotive/ Motorcycle Industry Insider, Our Auto Expert
    ·Guest: Jordan Hettinga | Senior Director/ General Manager, eBay Motors Parts and Accessories
    ·Guest: Sean Kiernan | Owner of 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (Bullitt – ‘559)
    ·Guest: Tom Cotter | Author/ Host, The Hagerty Group/ “Barn Find Hunter
    ·Guest: Mark Gessler | President, Historic Vehicle Association (HVA)
    ·Guest: “Big Chris” Smith | International Director, Black Mountain Jeep

    ·Guest: Dave Hall | Owner/ Operator, Restore A Muscle Car
    ·Guest: Larry Koester | Driver, Koester Racing
    ·Guest: Neil Tjin | Automotive Designer, Tjin Edition Roadshow
    ·Guest: Collin Tjin | Son of Neil Tjin, Tjin Edition Roadshow

    ·Website: Shell

    ·Website: Pennzoil

    ·Website: Shell Pioneering Performance Stage

    ·Website: Nexen Tire

    ·Website: eBay Motors Parts and Accessories

    ·Vehicle Mention: Hennessey Venom F5

    ·Vehicle Mention: Nissan Paws One Titan XD

    ·Vehicle Mention: 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (Bullitt – ‘559)


    Our Sponsors & Supported Charities:

    ·Austin Hatcher Foundation





    ·Foundation of Human Understanding

    ·Go RVing

    ·Patriot Outreach



    ·The Little Rock Foundation



    This episode was produced by Entertainment Right Now (ERN). If you found value in this episode, and you’d like to hear more, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes and be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss a beat. Your feedback helps us to reach more enthusiasts around the world! If you have a question you’d like us to answer, please leave a comment below or e-mail us at


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Dave Milligan
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
    Copy Editor: Cody Castleberry
    Contributor: Dennis Collins
    Contributor: Dan Sandberg
    Contributor: John Hennessey
    Special Guest: Nik Miles
    Special Guest: Mike Caudill
    Special Guest: Jordan Hettinga
    Special Guest: Sean Kiernan
    Special Guest: Tom Cotter
    Special Guest: Mark Gessler
    Special Guest: "Big Chris" Smith
    Special Guest: Larry Koester
    Special Guest: Neil Tjin
    Special Guest: Collin Tjin

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