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  • Feb 02, 2019

    Porsche, NAIAS, EVs, Ford GT Fiasco, NACTOY, Cadillac, and Tesla | #360


    As January turns to February, the industry is awash with news, scandals, and car companies struggling to stake out their place. Starting off the show, Kelley Blue Book Director of Industry Insights, Michael Harley, fills us in on his recent test drives of the new 2020 Porsche 911 and 2020 Porsche Panamera. We also tackle Porsche’s foray into the electric vehicle (EV) with the renamed Porsche Taycan (previously ‘Mission E’), and Michael shares a couple of wacky experiences he had riding in autonomous cars. Next, while we may have missed the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, MI, Autorader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, remained faithful and is here to give us some highlights from the show. Also, Brian questions whether all of these automakers that are pumping out three-row SUVs will be faced with a rude awakening when consumer price fatigue sets in. Changing gears, Executive Publisher for Kelley Blue Book, Autorader, and, Karl Brauer, discusses the Ford GT resale scandal and his new 2019 Ford GT (which went straight from the delivery truck to the detail shop). Then, Automotive Expert, “The Car Coach”, and President of North American Car of the Year (NACTOY) Awards, Lauren Fix, shares the winners of the Car, Truck, and Utility vehicle categories, which were revealed at NAIAS recently. Lauren also gives a preview of what’s in store at the Chicago Auto Show as Alan blows her mind with statistics from Barrett-Jackson’s most recent Scottsdale auction. Closing the show, automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, discusses Cadillac’s decision to focus on electric vehicles, Elon Musk and Tesla’s shaky public perception, Lincoln’s amazing concierge services, and Carlos Ghosn’s Japanese imprisonment. Tune in for the latest automotive insights.


    ·[00:00:00] Porsche Finally Gets the Panamera Right

    ·[00:06:18] Next Generation of the Porsche 911

    ·[00:12:30] Porsche Taycan, EVs, and Autonomy

    ·[00:19:51] Toyota Supra: The Buzz of NAIAS

    ·[00:28:55] Three-Row SUVs and Buyer Price Fatigue

    ·[00:35:52] Look Out for Kia Telluride and Mazda3

    ·[00:42:12] Karl’s Ford GT: Delivered but not Driven

    ·[00:48:08] Ford GT Resale Embargo Fiasco

    ·[00:54:43] NACTOY Awards and EV Tax Credit Slash

    ·[01:02:04] Chicago Auto Show and Barrett-Jackson

    ·[01:07:40] Cadillac Goes EV, Tesla Looking Shaky

    ·[01:18:05] Lincoln’s Concierge and Ghosn’s Woes


    [00:00:00] Porsche Finally Gets the Panamera Right

    Porsche has been through many iterations of the Panamera, the sedan version of their coveted 911 series, and they’re finally getting it right. Kelley Blue Book Executive Editor, Michael Harley, is one of the blessed few who got to test drive the new Porsche 911 in Valencia, Spain, and Porsche Panamera in Bahrain. Michael shares his experience zooming around the F1 circuit, navigating muddy streets, and avoiding speed traps in Bahrain while piloting the redesigned Panamera. Car design is an iterative process, for Porsche, in which they put a focus on functionality before style and luxury. That’s why it has taken 10 years for the Panamera to get where it is today. Find out why Michael loves this four-door supercar.


    [00:06:18] Next Generation of the Porsche 911

    The Porsche 911 has been one of the most iconic cars in the world since its debut in 1963. Eight generations later, the new 2020 Porsche 911 continues to build on its predecessors, getting bigger, heavier, and more luxurious. Kelley Blue Book Executive Editor and our favorite Porsche fanatic, Michael Harley, got to test drive the updated machine and was very impressed with it’s 443-HP twin-turbo 3L flat six engine and woodgrain dashboard. While Porsche’s decision to launch this new beast without the option of a manual transmission, Michael explains that this move makes perfect sense to him and why he expects to see a manual version in the future. Are you excited for the new Porsche 911?


    [00:12:30] Porsche Taycan, EVs, and Autonomy

    While the Porsche 918 was a valiant effort to embrace the electric car revolution, its million dollar price tag left a lot to be desired. Kelley Blue Book Executive Editor, Michael Harley, fills us in on their next initiative in the electric vehicle (EV) world, the Porsche Taycan. With a couple hundred mile range, 480-volt charger, and a promise of huge performance from Porsche, the Taycan is shaping up to be the definitive EV experience. Changing gears, Michael shares a couple of experiences he had while riding in autonomous vehicles that left him thinking the technology still needs a lot of time to develop. Find out why Michael thinks a 2025-2030 mass-rollout of autonomous technology seems more likely than optimistic estimates.  


    [00:19:51] Toyota Supra: The Buzz of NAIAS

    The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) happened a couple of weeks ago, and this is the first time in almost 25 years that Alan did not attend! Luckily, Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, did go and is here to give us the update. While NAIAS was scaled back in comparison to previous years, with German OEMs making less of an appearance, there were still plenty of cars to gawk at. One car that stole the show was the all new Toyota Supra, but Brian thinks a lot of people will be disappointed with the car. Some are expecting this to be Toyota’s answer to the Nissan GTR, and it simply isn’t that. Find out why Brian thinks the new Supra is all hype.


    [00:28:55] Three-Row SUVs and Buyer Price Fatigue

    The North American International Auto Show’s (NAIAS) popularity may be waning, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of exciting news coming out of Detroit, Michigan. Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, was very impressed by the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (which is touting 700+ HP), the 2020 Ford Explorer didn’t have the same effect. While the trained eye can tell that this Explorer is completely new, the average consumer might think of it as more of an evolution than a revolution. Brian wonders if the huge three-row SUVs that are flooding the market will start to experience buyer price fatigue as prices soar over $40,000. Another thing that caught Brian’s eye was the Volkswagen Passat. This reveal, while nothing new, showed Volkswagen’s commitment to the large sedan category, while other manufacturers seem to be abandoning it. Will your next vehicle be a sedan?


    [00:35:52] Look Out for Kia Telluride and Mazda3

    The Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and Ford Explorer generated a lot of buzz at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), but were those truly the most interesting vehicles at the show? Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, tells us why he thinks the Kia Telluride and Mazda3 were the hidden heroes of NAIAS. When we say Kia’s new three-row SUV is a luxury vehicle, we aren’t saying that in comparison to the rest of their fleet, the Telluride truly is a thing of luxury. With Volvo-esque lines, the Telluride is a beautiful vehicle, but not everyone wants a gigantic SUV. The Mazda3 was a nice break with beautiful design and a deceivingly spacious interior. Learn more about the North American International Auto Show.


    [00:42:12] Karl’s Ford GT: Delivered but not Driven

    Finally, the day we’ve all been hearing about has come; Executive Publisher for Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and, Karl Brauer, took delivery of his 2019 Ford GT. This means we get to hear an in-depth review of the acclaimed supercar, right? Well, not exactly. Karl’s red and blue machine rolled right off the delivery truck and into the detail shop. Find out why Karl is holding off from driving the car for a little while longer.


    [00:48:08] Ford GT Resale Embargo Fiasco

    Only a handful of lucky people that went through the rigorous application process were allowed to purchase Ford’s coveted supercar. One of the stipulations of buying a Ford GT was that no car was to be resold before two years had passed, but naturally, someone has already broken this contract. Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and Executive Editor, Karl Brauer, fills us in on the Ford GT auction fiasco in which a man who was diagnosed with cancer decided to auction off his newly acquired GT through auctioning giant, Mecum. While some may defend the decision claiming financial hardship, Karl explains why greed is the only motivator here: Ford has offered to buy back any GT whose owner comes under financial distress. Listen in for more about this incident.  


    [00:54:43] NACTOY Awards and EV Tax Credit Slash

    The North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year Awards (NACTOY) winners were announced at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan recently. Here to give us the scoop on these amazing cars is Automotive Analyst, “The Car Coach”, and President of the North American Car And Truck of the Year Awards, Lauren Fix. In a category under fire, three cars rose to the top as the Volvo S60, Genesis G70, and Honda Insight battled for supremacy. In the end, the Genesis G70 was the best value in terms of performance, luxury, and pricing. Next, we learn about the slim pickings in the truck category, as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 had to bow down to the RAM 1500’s superior interior technology and raw power. Lastly, the Hyundai Kona took the SUV segment by storm with a killer warranty, loads of features, all at an affordable sub $20,000 price point. Learn more about these award winning vehicles.


    [01:02:04] Chicago Auto Show and Barrett-Jackson

    The Chicago Auto Show is on the horizon, but with the North American Auto Show and Consumer Electronics Show still in our rearview mirrors, what’s left to reveal? Automotive Analyst and “The Car Coach”, Lauren Fix, is excited for the 30 year anniversary event that is planned for the Mazda Miata. Mazda’s MX-5 has always been an amazing, fun entry-level race car for the work-a-day Joe. The Miata won’t be the only thing making a splash, as Chicago is home to the third largest truck market, and will definitely be showcasing a lot of pickups, commercial trucks, and big vans. Lauren also thinks Nissan plans to reveal something big. Switching gears, we discuss the recent Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction and some of the insane sales that happened on the block. A VIN#1 2020 Toyota Supra sold for $2,000,000, while auction owner, Craig Jackson, dropped $1,100,000 on a VIN#1 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Have you ever been to “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction”?


    [01:07:40] Cadillac Goes EV, Tesla Looking Shaky

    While Cadillac sales decreased in December of 2018, Tesla took orders on 25,400 more Model 3s. Automotive Journalist, BJ Killeen, says Cadillac is in an interesting place right now, as they’ve announced a new initiative to shift production completely to electric vehicles at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). This move has BJ puzzled, as the EV market accounts for only 5% of the total estimated 17,000,000 domestic vehicle sales per year. Shifting gears, Alan shows respect for Elon Musk as a savvy entrepreneur and big thinker, but BJ is less than impressed with what strikes her as a ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach to business in the auto industry. Are you a fan of Elon Musk and Tesla?


    [01:18:05] Lincoln’s Concierge and Ghosn’s Woes

    In the world of luxury, Lincoln is number one. Automotive Journalist, BJ Killeen, has been driving a Lincoln MKC and is very impressed with their concierge service. All BJ has to do is use Lincoln’s app to notify her local dealer of her maintenance needs, and they will pick it up and leave her with a backup vehicle for the duration. We also chat about the upcoming Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring model, which is expected to have 450-HP and 600 lb-ft of torque! We close out the show with what little news there is in the case of Carlos Ghosn, who has been imprisoned in Japan. Tune in for the latest automotive news.


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    ·Contributor: Brian Moody | Executive Editor, Autorader

    ·Contributor: Karl Brauer | Executive Publisher, Autotrader/ Kelley Blue Book/

    ·Contributor: BJ Killeen | Freelance Automotive Journalist

    ·Special Guest: Michael Harley | Director of Industry Insights, Kelley Blue Book

    ·Special Guest: Lauren Fix | Automotive Analyst /”The Car Coach”, Parade/ News Max

    ·Event: Barrett-Jackson

    ·Event: North American International Auto Show

    ·Event: Chicago Auto Show

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    ·Website: Kia

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    ·Website: North American Car of the Year

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Porsche 911

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Porsche Panamera

    ·Vehicle Mention: Porsche Taycan (previously ‘Mission E’)

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Kia Telluride

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Toyota GR Supra

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Ford Explorer

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Volkswagen Passat

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Mazda3 

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Ford GT

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 GMC Sierra 1500

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 RAM 1500

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Volvo S60

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Genesis G70

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Honda Insight

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Hyundai Kona

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 VIN 001

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Toyota Supra – First Production Vin 20201

    ·Vehicle Mention: Tesla Model 3

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Lincoln Aviator

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Lincoln MKC


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    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Dave Milligan
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
    Copy Editor: Cody Castleberry
    Contributor: Brian Moody
    Contributor: Karl Brauer
    Contributor: BJ Killeen
    Special Guest: Michael Harley
    Special Guest: Lauren Fix

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