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  • Apr 06, 2019

    LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, Ferrari 488 Pista, Kia Telluride | #368


    Alan will be on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, April 15th through the 19th, and this year marks his 20th appearance on the show! Watch Alan unveil 20 of the newest cars from the New York Auto Show while attempting to avoid a repeat of the Pontiac C6 backseat incident. First up, automotive journalist for Autoweek, Automobile Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, Steven Cole Smith, fills us in on his test drive of the Ferrari 488 Pista. This $350,000 supercar made Steven feel very out of place at Dollar General, but he got over it when he revved it’s 710-HP twin-turbo engine. Steven also discusses Automobile Magazine’s All-Stars top picks, including the Ferrari 812 Superfast, Hyundai VELOSTER N, and Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Changing lanes, Kia Motors America Chief Designer, Tom Kearns, shares the inspiration behind their biggest, boldest SUV ever, the Kia Telluride. This gorgeous eight passenger vehicle makes 291-HP with a 3.8L V6 engine and is available in all-wheel drive, starting at just $31,690. Then, automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, compares and contrasts the MAZDA CX-9 with the Kia Sorento; when all is said and done, she prefers the Kia Sorento, but encourages us all to test drive to compare for ourselves. Tune in for more details on the 2020 Kia Telluride, Kia Sorento, MAZDA CX-9, and Ferrari 488 Pista.


    ·[00:00:00] Alan to Go On LIVE with Kelly and Ryan
    ·[00:06:31] Steven Drives the Ferrari 488 Pista
    ·[00:12:31] Automobile Magazine’s All-Stars
    ·[00:19:51] 2020 Kia Telluride: Back to SUV Roots
    ·[00:27:58] Kia Sorento Vs MAZDA CX-9
    ·[00:35:52] Two Comparable SUVs and Weekend Plans


    [00:00:00] Alan to Go On LIVE with Kelly and Ryan
    Did you know that Alan started appearing on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan the same year as Kelly Ripa? Yep, that’s right, he’s been unveiling cars for the New York International Auto Show on live television for 20 years! Automotive journalist, Steven Cole Smith, reminds us of the time Alan made an inappropriate joke about the Pontiac C6’s back seats on LIVE. Tune in to ABC April 15th through the 19th to catch the latest cars from NYIAS.


    [00:06:31] Steven Drives the Ferrari 488 Pista
    If you’re driving a $350,000 car, people tend to either despise you or be very happy for you. After taking his girlfriend out to a steak dinner, automotive journalist for Autoweek, Automobile Magazine, and Grassroots Motorsports, Steven Cole Smith, pulled the Ferrari 488 Pista that he’s test driving into Dollar General to get some Fancy Feast for his cats. This didn’t garner the most welcoming responses from passers by. Alan gives Steven some advice for driving supercars to everyman locales: just say you’re getting it washed for a celebrity! Learn more about this amazing 710-HP twin turbo beast of a machine.


    [00:12:31] Automobile Magazine’s All-Stars
    The team at Automobile Magazine recently went out to the Willow Springs International Raceway to test 24 of the world’s best cars. Automotive journalist, Steven Cole Smith, was among the group of seasoned journalists. 24 cars went in, only seven cars made the cut for top pick, and some of the winners may surprise you. While the BMW M2 Competition, Ferrari 812 Superfast, and McLaren 600LT were obvious choices for top accolades, three cars surprised the group. First off, the Hyundai VELOSTER N is about as much fun as you can have in a $30,000 car. Another surprise was the Mercedes-Benz G 550; while Steven wasn’t a huge fan, everyone else was impressed with the redesign and upgraded interior. This next one comes with a disclaimer: Steven is not a Porsche guy, but the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, is probably the best car he’s ever driven. Learn more about Automobile Magazine’s favorite cars.


    [00:19:51] 2020 Kia Telluride: Back to SUV Roots
    It’s hard to top Kia when it comes to affordability and quality, and that remains true with the all new 2020 Kia Telluride. Starting at $31,690, the Kia Telluride ultimate eight passenger SUV, with plenty of space, and a 291-HP, 3.8L V6 engine, you just can’t beat it for the price. Kia Motors America Chief Designer, Tom Kearns, explains the design philosophy behind the Telluride, and where it gets its name. Learn more about Kia’s biggest, boldest SUV ever.


    [00:27:58] Kia Sorento Vs MAZDA CX-9
    Alan and automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Kia Telluride. In the meantime, BJ was behind the wheel of the Kia Sorento recently, and she compares it to her current test drive vehicle, the MAZDA CX-9. These extremely similar three-row SUVs come in around the same price, and struggle to differentiate themselves from one another with features. The Kia Sorento touts a 290-HP, 252 lb-ft of torque 3.2L engine, while the MAZDA CX-9 runs on a SkyActive 2.5L turbocharged engine that makes 227-HP and 310 lb-ft of torque. It all comes down to personal and stylistic preferences, and the fact that the Kia Sorento has more package options starting at a lower price doesn’t hurt either. For this reason (and a possible slight bias), BJ prefers the Kia Sorento. Don’t take our word for it though, get out there and test drive these vehicles today and judge for yourself!


    [00:35:52] Two Comparable SUVs and Weekend Plans
    A cluttered SUV market and the fact that almost all OEMs are putting out quality vehicles these days means brands are having trouble standing out from the pack. Automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, finishes her comparison of the MAZDA CX-9 and Kia Sorento. It comes down to options, and with a lower starting price of $26,000, the Kia Sorento allows for more choices than the MAZDA CX-9, which starts at $32,000. If these vehicles are something you’re considering, your best option is to go out and test drive them. Also, BJ is excited to head out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Denso Spark Plug NHRA Four-Wide Nationals for a weekend of loud, crazy fun. Are you an NHRA fan?


    Explore More with Helpful Links:

    ·Contributor: Steven Cole Smith | Automotive journalist, AutoweekAutomobile MagazineGrassroots Motorsports

    ·Contributor: BJ Killeen | Automotive journalist

    ·Special Guest: Tom Kearns | Chief Designer, Kia Motors America

    ·Article: 2019 Automobile All-Stars: The Winners

    ·Website: New York Auto Show

    ·Website: LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

    ·Vehicle Mention: Ferrari 488 Pista

    ·Vehicle Mention: Ferrari 812 Superfast

    ·Vehicle Mention: Hyundai VELOSTER N

    ·Vehicle Mention: Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2020 Kia Telluride

    ·Vehicle Mention: MAZDA CX-9

    ·Vehicle Mention: Kia Sorento

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 Mercedes-Benz G 550

    ·Vehicle Mention: 2019 McLaren 600LT

    ·Vehicle Mention: BMW M2 Competition


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    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Dave Milligan
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
    Copy Editor: Cody Castleberry
    Contributor: Steven Cole Smith
    Contributor: BJ Killeen
    Special Guest: Tom Kearns

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