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  • Aug 08, 2015

    Hot August Nights 2015 | FULL SHOW | #206


    Reporting from the heart of Barrett-Jackson auction at Hot August Nights, here’s a pregame look at the cars set to cross the block during Saturday prime time event. Then, classic cars bring back classic memories, and trivia giveaways galore.

    Segment 1: Ready, Set…
    We are in the convention center bright and early, broadcasting live from Barrett-Jackson at Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada! Alan gets us ready for a jam-packed 3 hours of car auction madness.

    Segment 2: Hot Hot Hot
    Craftsman auctioned off their Comet Caliente for $100,000 and every cent went to charity! We chat about some cars on the floor, like Pennzoil’s Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

    Segment 3: That Judge Life
    The Barrett-Jackson judges have tough choices ahead of them! We chat about all of the amazing builders and cars that have shown up to compete at the auction.

    Segment 4: More Than a Classic
    The Craftsman Comet Caliente is not just a classic car, it’s a pro touring car. Chad Hill and Kevin Tully from Hotrod Chassis and Cycle give us a little insight on the Comet Caliente that sold on the auction block for $100,000.

    Segment 5: Craftsman: Made to Race
    Do you think you could make the Craftsman Comet Caliente? Chad and Kevin tell us how their main inspiration in the Caliente project was to build something that anybody could build with a standard set of Craftsman tools.

    Segment 6: Comet Caliente Winner
    A truly charitable person never loses the feeling that goes with giving. We chat about Tom Day’s emotional outpouring after winning the Comet Caliente auction, and all he does to support charitable causes.

    Segment 7: To Trivia Or Not
    Alan gets ready to ask a trivia question and give away a $25 Craftsman gift card, but the answer is spoiled by Kevin Tully!

    Segment 8: Strong Trivia Questions
    We open up the lines and try to get one of our many trivia questions answered! Caller Chad and Kyle fall short of a $25 Craftsman gift card.

    Segment 9: American Made Parts
    What company made the first disk brakes? Caller Jeff pulls the answer out of his knowledgeable noggin and wins a $25 Craftsman gift card. Then, we learn more about the ’65 Comet Caliente.

    Segment 10: DIVCO
    Do you know what DIVCO stands for? We discuss Benetrends CEO Rocco Fiorentino’s 1966 DIVCO Milk Truck, the process of finding and restoring it, and why exactly he needed one.

    Segment 11: Detroit Industrial Vehicle Co
    As we recover from technical difficulties, Caller Jim patiently waits to answer our trivia question and wins a $25 Craftsman gift card! Also, find out about the Barrett-Jackson Cup and the Grand Marshal Award!

    Segment 12: Classics and Teens
    We get a teen expert opinion from Alan’s son about all of the sights and sounds at Hot August Nights and Barrett-Jackson. Christian says he likes watching the auction but there’s just no food!

    Segment 13: Tote Wagons
    Christian familiarizes us with a slang term for those ugly cars out there: tote wagon. Then, we chat about Alan’s path to restoring his first car.

    Segment 14: Here’s to Earning It
    When you are handed things, like cars, to you in your life by your parents, it can rob you of the experience of earning it for yourself. Alan tells us how his dad’s refusal to buy him a car made him the man he is today.

    Segment 15: GoPro
    Document your life with National Geographic quality, anywhere, anytime, with GoPro. Motorsports Marketing Manager Rod Rojas tells us about what GoPro has coming up next in the pipeline.

    Segment 16: Rat Runners TV
    Alan plugs for Aaron Hagar’s future project TV show and kicks off the funding with 10 dollars!

    Segment 17: Next up: Pebble Beach!
    We crack some sweet jokes and drop some sick burns as we close out the show at Hot August Nights and Barrett-Jackson. Don’t forget to tune in next week for our show from Pebble Beach!


    Host: Alan Taylor

    Chris Duke
    BJ Killeen

    Producer: Jared Alexander

    Special Guests:
    Chad Hill
    Kevin Tully
    Caller Chad
    Caller Kyle
    Caller Michael
    Caller Jeff
    Rocco Fiorentino
    Caller Jim
    Christian Masters
    Aaron Hagar
    Rod Rojas

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