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  • Jan 26, 2019

    Automotive and Tech Worlds Collide at CES 2019 | #359


    Industry experts weigh in on the ever-blending automotive and technology worlds from the floor of CES 2019. First up, Ford Motor Company Executive Director of Connected Vehicle and Services, Don Butler, describes how C-V2X, the next big tech upgrade in their vehicles, can save and improve the lives of drivers and pedestrians everywhere. Shifting gears, What3Words CMO, Giles Rhys Jones, fills us in on the progress they’ve made since we last spoke with them – they are now integrated into Mercedes-Benz vehicles! Then, we chat with Lume Cube, Inc. President and CEO, Mike Bieker, about their compact, on-the-go light source made with content creators and auto enthusiasts in mind, the AIR VC. Next, Adventure Editor, Rick Stella, has seen a lot of exciting technology revealed at CES, but as an outdoor guy, What3Words really hits the sweet spot for him. Changing lanes, CTA Senior Director of Event Communications, Sarah Brown, explains why auto shows and CES can co-exist; auto shows show what OEMs have available now or coming down the pike, while CES is a window to a more distant future. Adding to the conversation, Automotive and Motorcycle Industry Insider for Fox News Channel, Mike Caudill, describes why CES is an amazing event for the automotive industry. After that, President & CEO of Brembo Brakes North America, Dan Sandberg, gushes about the tech that has him excited and shares what a brake company like Brembo hopes to accomplish at CES 2019. Then, National Inventors Hall of Fame VP of Museums & Engineering, Vince Greczanik, and Chief Strategic Officer, Hannah Paulin, celebrate 50 years of automotive innovation with a custom split-model Ford Mustang and teach adults and children about the importance of patents and intellectual property. We catch up with Dave Buchko who is now the Product Communications Manager for BYTON, a revolutionary new electric vehicle company set to give Tesla a run for their money. Closing the show, automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, gives us a lightning round of interesting tech innovations she witnessed at the Consumer Electronics Show, including Bell’s new Nexus air taxi. Learn more about the melding of automotive and tech industries at CES 2019. 


    ·[00:00:00] Ford and the Future of C-V2X Technology
    ·[00:06:43] What3Words Now in Mercedes-Benz Cars!
    ·[00:12:31] Lume Cube AIR VC Lights Up Your Content
    ·[00:19:52] Rick Stella Loves What3Words
    ·[00:29:15] Automotive Tech Trends at CES 2019
    ·[00:35:52] Auto Shows vs Consumer Electronics Show
    ·[00:42:13] Brembo Keeps Up on Tech at CES
    ·[00:48:26] Regenerative Braking and BYTON
    ·[00:54:43] Big Data is Big Business
    ·[01:02:04] NIHF Brings Split Mustang to CES
    ·[01:07:58] BYTON Launches 39 Months after Founding
    ·[01:18:05] BJ Killeen’s CES 2019 Whirlwind Round


    [00:00:00] Ford and the Future of C-V2X Technology
    As far as automotive companies go, Ford was the first to make waves at the Consumer Electronics Show over a decade ago. Executive Director of Connected Vehicle and Services, Don Butler, shares how Ford is keeping with tradition and staying on the blistering edge of vehicle innovation, with C-V2X technology. This wireless communication system allows equipped vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other and be alerted to the presence and location of other C-V2X enabled cars and any pedestrians with mobile devices. Also, Ford is making a commitment to remain open platform while tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple battle for domination. Learn more about Ford’s involvement with C-V2X and their commitment to customers over corporations.


    [00:06:43] What3Words Now in Mercedes-Benz Cars!
    Have you ever wanted a simpler way to talk about where you are in the world? Well, so did the guys at What3Words, a mobile app that used an algorithm and a library of 40,000 words to place a network of 57 trillion uniquely-named three word 10 ft by 10 ft squares around the globe. CMO, Giles Rhys Jones, goes into more detail about how this system can be used to do any number of things from differentiate between similarly named streets in a city, to designate a remote campsite in a place with no roadmarkers. Last time we chatted with Giles and What3Words, automakers hadn’t quite caught on to this innovative mapping system, but now they have a deal that puts them in Mercedes-Benz A Class cars! Find out where you’re going with What3Words.


    [00:12:31] Lume Cube AIR VC Lights Up Your Content
    If you thought all you needed to start video reviewing cars, or anything else for that matter, was a camera, you’re sorely mistaken. Lighting is a huge part of the picture, and that’s where Lume Cube comes in. President and CEO, Mike Bieker, describes the challenge they faced packing 1000 lumens into a GoPro sized package. The heat generated by the lightsource is generally so great that it could melt the housing it is contained in, so they had to get creative. Learn more about the Lume Cube AIR VC.


    [00:19:52] Rick Stella Loves What3Words
    Being an adventurer can put you in places that are hard to describe. That’s why adventure editor, Rick Stella, is excited about What3Words, a mobile app that assigns every 10×10 foot square on Earth a randomly generated, three word address or name. Are you and a buddy are taking off on a hike from two different locations? No sweat, just give them the three words associated with the location you want to meet up, they plug it into their phone, and it’s off to the races. Also, find out what Rick’s interpretation of the automakers’ focus on ‘mobility’ this year at CES.


    [00:29:15] Automotive Tech Trends at CES 2019
    This year will be the last we hear of the North American International Auto Show in the month of January. While extreme temperatures are a great reason to move Detroit’s world-famous car show to a later part of the year, we can’t help but wonder if CES is part of the impetus behind this move. CTA Senior Manager of Event Communications, Sarah Brown, thinks there is plenty of room for these two juggernaut trade shows to co-exist, as they represent different interests. While CES gives us a window into automotive technology that is sometimes 10-20 years ahead of us, NAIAS addresses more immediate market trends, generally showing us what automotive OEMs have cooked up for the coming year. Also, tune in to find out why Sarah thinks automotive autonomy is a big deal this year at CES.


    [00:35:52] Auto Shows vs Consumer Electronics Show
    Is Detroit’s auto show being strangled by the overwhelming size and presence of the Consumer Electronics Show? Automotive and Motorcycle Industry Insider for Fox News Channel, Mike Caudill, says he doesn’t know anybody who is planning on going to the North American International Auto Show this year, which seems to be indicative of its fading luster in recent years as luxury car makers further remove themselves from the show. Turning our focus to CES, Mike gushes about some of the exciting technology he’s witnessed at the show this year, like Bell’s NEXUS helicopter. Tune in to get Mike’s thoughts on CES 2019.


    [00:42:13] Brembo Keeps Up on Tech At CES
    You might be thinking to yourself, “Wait, why would a brake company need to visit the Consumer Electronics Show? Doesn’t brake technology remain largely the same?” Technology touches every industry in one way or another in our modern global society, so companies like Brembo Brakes need to keep their finger on the pulse, and what better place to do that than CES. President and CEO of Brembo Brakes North America, Dan Sandberg, explains how OEM’s and their focuses influence Brembo’s. Listen in for more about the widespread effects of new tech coming out of CES 2019.


    [00:48:26] Regenerative Braking and Byton
    So, how exactly does regenerative braking work? Brembo Brakes North America President and CEO, Dan Sandberg, demystifies the workings of this braking system commonly found in electric vehicles. Let’s say you’re zooming down the highway in your Tesla Model S or BYTON K-byte (when available), and you let off the pedal – you immediately feel the drag of the motor as it slows the car down. The braking system then uses this kinetic energy to re-energize the battery. Speaking of the BYTON, Dan was very impressed with what he saw at their presentation. Are you impressed by BYTON’s 48 inch dash screen, or do you think it will be a huge distraction?


    [00:54:43] Big Data is Big Business
    With the proliferation of sensor technology, our ability collect data is growing at an enormous rate. This is another reason Brembo Brakes North America President and CEO, Dan Sandberg, is walking the halls of CES 2019. Big data has become big business and access to information has become a boon to every company. Dan is excited by sensors that can collect a wide array of information and their dramatic reduction in price. Where one heat sensor used to set companies back $1,500, the same instruments can now be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Manufacturing and data technology aren’t the only categories that caught Dan’s eye – flexible screens, particularly LG’s rollable television on display in their booth, are of great interest to Dan. What reveals from CES have you excited for the future?


    [01:02:04] NIHF Brings Split Mustang to CES
    Innovation is the driving force of technological advancement, and what better way to encapsulate the last 50 years of automotive innovation than with one of America’s favorite cars. National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) VP of Museums & Engineering, Vince Greczanik, and Chief Strategic Officer, Hannah Paulin, celebrate this amazing journey with a split-model Ford Mustang display. Half 2015 Mustang and half 1955 Mustang, it allows people to sit in either side and compare components that have remained largely the same, or have changed wildly in the car’s cockpit over the last 50 years. The NIHF built this split-model car with the mission of helping audiences of kids and adults alike understand patents and trademarks, and their importance. Learn more about the NIHF at


    [01:07:58] Byton Launches 39 Months after Founding
    A new contender is entering the electric car market to give Tesla a real competitor. BYTON is making a big splash at CES this year with the debut of their bold 48-inch dash screen. Product Communications Manager, Dave Buchko, dispels the controversy surrounding the seemingly excessive dash screen. The screen is not a touch sensitive, and it sits lower in the cockpit and further away from the driver than some believe. All interactions with the interface happen at the center of the steering wheel, or on the center console pad that the driver is not meant to reach for. BYTON is comprised of many BMW ‘alumni’, like co-founders, Dr. Carsten Breitfeld and Dr. Kirchert, many in the research and development department, and Dave, as well. Byton vehicles come with two configurations: one with a motor in the back, rear wheel drive, and 250 miles of range, and a second with motors at the front and back, all-wheel drive, and 350 mile range. This cutting edge piece of technology will start at roughly $45,000, making it very affordable for those who want to dive into the electric vehicle world. Are you getting a BYTON?


    [01:18:05] BJ Killeen’s CES 2019 Whirlwind Round
    Sadly, the crew here at ERN did not get to explore much of CES, but everyone’s favorite automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, certainly did. BJ fills us in on things we may have missed in a whirlwind round of automotive tech. In a shocking move, Mercedes-Benz actually introduced a car at CES, rather than the North American International Auto Show – the CLA Coupe. This car boasts a new NBUX (Mercedes-Benz Use Experience) with gesture recognition and augmented reality navigation. In other news, Hyundai introduced a walking car concept that can climb five foot vertical walls, accessing areas where people may be trapped or hurt in disaster zones. Perhaps one of BJ’s favorite experiences was the Audi Experience Ride, which used virtual reality glasses to simulate a driving experience. Tune in to hear more of BJ’s top picks from CES 2019.


    Explore More with Helpful Links:

    ·Contributor: Dan Sandberg | President and CEO, Brembo North America

    ·Contributor: BJ Killeen | Freelance Automotive Journalist

    ·Special Guest: Don Butler | Executive Director of Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company

    ·Special Guest: Giles Rhys Jones | CMO, What3Words

    ·Special Guest: Mike Bieker | President and CEO, Lume Cube, Inc.

    ·Special Guest: Rick Stella | Adventure Editor,

    ·Special Guest: Sarah Brown | Senior Director of Event Communications, CTA

    ·Special Guest: Mike CaudillAutomotive and Motorcycle Industry Insider, Fox News Channel

    ·Special Guest: Vince Greczanik | VP of Museums & Engineering, National Inventors Hall of Fame

    ·Special Guest: Hannah Paulin | Chief Strategic Officer, National Inventors Hall of Fame

    ·Special Guest: Dave Buchko | Product Communications Manager, BYTON

    ·Website: CES

    ·Website:  C-V2X

    ·Event: North American International Auto Show

    ·Event: New York International Auto Show

    ·Event: Los Angeles Auto Show

    ·Product Mention: Lume Cube AIR VC

    ·Vehicle Mention: Mercedes-Benz A Class

    ·Vehicle Mention: National Inventors Hall of Fame Split-Model Mustang

    ·Vehicle Mention: Bell Nexus


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    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Dave Milligan
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
    Copy Editor: Cody Castleberry
    Contributor: Dan Sandberg
    Contributor: BJ Killeen
    Special Guest: Don Butler
    Special Guest: Giles Rhys Jones
    Special Guest: Mike Bieker
    Special Guest: Rick Stella
    Special Guest: Sarah Brown
    Special Guest: Mike Caudill
    Special Guest: Vince Greczanik
    Special Guest: Hannah Paulin
    Special Guest: Dave Buchko

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