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  • May 23, 2015

    2015 Indianapolis 500 | FULL EPISODE | #196


    We’re getting geared up for the Indy 500 as Alan chats with experts and newbies alike at the Firestone Garage in Gasoline Alley at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Stay tuned for an interview with the great Al Speyer, now retired Executive Director of Firestone Racing.

    Segment 1: Tires and Tires
    It’s Chris Duke’s first time at the Indy 500 and he’s seeing lots of new stuff, including many, many tires! Did you know that each tire on every race car has its own serial number to prevent thievery of the proprietary rubber compound?

    Segment 2: Free Rides and Factoids
    Craftsman Restoration Rollout Sweepstakes Winner, Keith Palmer, got an all-expenses paid pass to the Indy 500, and joins us to share his experiences thus far. Also, Alan has a few factoids to share with us about the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix.

    Segment 3: Lost and Found
    The racers of the Indianapolis 500 are like one big family. Alan shares some stories about his run ins with some of the racers. Then, we find Steven Cole Smith walking through the garage.

    Segment 4: Detours
    From a scenic route detour caused by an Australian GPS system, to a wonderful memorial service, Steven Cole Smith gives us an update on what he’s been up to at, and on his way to the Indianapolis 500.

    Segment 5: News from Indy 500
    Steven Cole Smith brings us some motor sports news! The biggest story this week: James Hinchcliffe’s right-front suspension broke and went through his legs, nearly killing him.

    Segment 6: Under Pressure
    Remember to check your tire’s air pressure! Bridgestone Retail Operations President, Stu Crum, reminds us that any Firestone location will check your tires and keep them at the appropriate levels for free!

    Segment 7: Townsend Bell
    An eclectic racer in his own right, Townsend Bell still thinks the Indianapolis 500 has it’s own unique element. Townsend shares his hopes for the race and what it’s like to race the Indy 500 nine times.

    Segment 8: Radio Show Rivals
    Host of The Drive Chicago, Paul Brian, joins us and shares his insights and hopes for the Indy 500.

    Segment 9: Old Days and Airbags
    Autoline Detroit Host, John McElroy, sits down with us to reminisce about the old days of racing and share who he’s rooting for to take home the win. Also, we discuss the airbag issue that’s been plaguing the used car market.

    Segment 10: Bigger Than Life
    We catch up with former Executive Director of Firestone Racing, Al Speyer, to see how his retirement has been treating him, and learn about the 41st anniversary of the day he joined the Firestone team.

    Segment 11: A Spectacular Event
    “The one thing that will happen is something none of us expect.” Al Speyer explains the majesty and grandeur of the whole event that surrounds the Indianapolis 500 and the Memorial Day celebration.

    Segment 12: Feel the Energy
    We cannot stress enough how important it is to check your tire pressure every time you drive! Also, Al Speyer reminds us that when it comes to experiencing the energy and the ambiance, a seat in the stands or on the field is still the best seat in the house at the Indy 500.

    Segment 13: Indianapolis 500 Trivia
    For a chance to win a pair of Piloti driving shoes, Alan asks a trivia question: Who won the 2014 Indianapolis 500?

    Segment 14: Piloti Shoes and Hammertoes
    Guest caller Dave phones in to answer the trivia question for a pair of Piloti driving shoes. Then, we ask Sports Byline USA Host, Nick Bonsanto, important questions about his hammertoes, and discuss why he chose the 99th running to be his first time attending the Indy 500.

    Segment 15: Another Pair of Pilotis!
    For another pair of Piloti driving shoes: Who won the 2013 Indianapolis 500? Guest caller Sauer from Lake Havasu calls in to answer the trivia question, and doesn’t even have hammertoes!


    Host: Alan Taylor (@The_Drive_Radio)

    Chris Duke (@chrisduketv)
    Steven Cole Smith (@SColeSmith)

    Producer: Jared Alexander

    Special Guests:
    Keith Palmer #CraftsmanSweepstakes
    Stu Crum #Firestone
    Townsend Bell (@townsendbell)
    Paul Brian (@ThePaulBrian)
    John McElroy (@Autoline)
    Al Speyer #Indy500
    Nick Bonsanto (@NickBonsantoSho)
    Guest Caller Dave
    Guest Caller Sauer

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