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  • Dec 04, 2015

    Lingenfelter and Superformance at SEMA 2015 | FULL SHOW | #135


    We continue our coverage of SEMA 2015 and chat with aftermarket guru, Mike Copeland from Lingenfelter. Also, find out why you should make a Superformance Cobra your next sports car!

    Segment 1: SEMA Drift
    Dan was drifted around a track at SEMA by a professional driver, and he had a blast. He only wishes they would have let him drive!

    Segment 2: Car Market Crash
    Lingenfelter Vice President of Operations, Mike Copeland, has been going to SEMA for 14 years! Mike gives us his perspective on the automotive industry through the years, and his time spent at GM through the car market crash.

    Segment 3: Lingenfelter + Corvette Z06
    If you like to tinker on your car, the 650-hp 2015 Corvette Z06 is a dream come true. Lingenfelter’s Mike Copeland describes the aftermarket upgrades he’s made to his Z06, and tells us about his favorite cars.

    Segment 4: Superformance Cobra
    Building top notch replicars, like their replica Cobra, is what Superformance does best. Vice President Todd Andrews expounds the high performance, quality parts and interiors that go into making a Cobra one of the best pieces of machinery on the road.

    Segment 5: Never Lose Value
    If you’re looking for a car that won’t tank in value, Superformance cars are sure to hold theirs. We chat with Todd Andrews about the features that keep the Cobra in high standings!

    Segment 6: Best of Show
    As we close the show, we discuss some of our favorite products and guests we from SEMA.


    Host: Dan Longenette
    Producer: Ryan Baker
    Engineer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guest:
    Mike Copeland
    Todd Andrews

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