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  • Jun 14, 2014

    H20 101 | FULL SHOW | #224


    As summer heat asserts itself, many states are finding themselves choked in drought conditions. We’re exploring available resources, sustainability practices, and usage rights.

    Segment 1: Water Shortage
    We’ve got a significant water shortage this year. To open this episode, we discuss plans for a new tunnel under Lake Mead that is large, expensive, and fraught with political complications. Dr. Peter Glick joins us to discuss water supply concerns, sustainability and needs.

    Segment 2: Irrigating a Desert
    As drought conditions worsen, smarter irrigation strategies and energy efficient appliances are a necessity. Are these steps too little too late in areas like Las Vegas? Dr. Peter Glick sounds off.

    Segment 3: Third Straw
    Are we making short term plans for the long term problem of climate change? With water shortage concerns on the rise, Research Marine Physicist Tim Barnett, shares thought provoking insights.

    Segment 4: Heat Map
    Will future generations war over water usage rights? Our focus turns to the Tigris River Dam and Renaissance Dam development projects.

    Segment 5: A rose by any other name…
    With confusing identifiers like “Florida Crystals” it can be difficult to identify which foods contain sugar. Eve Schaub, author of “A Year of No Sugar,” shares what it was like to kick her sugar habit, and the stumbling blocks that she encountered along the way.

    Segment 6: Back to Basics
    When Eve Schaub began her mission to live a year without sugar, there were good days and bad days. Find out why she wouldn’t change a thing.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Tim Burg
    Special Guests:
    Dr. Peter Glick
    Tim Barnett
    Professor Aaron Wolf
    Eve Schaub

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