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  • Apr 23, 2016

    Game Changing Gear | FULL SHOW | #313


    The 3D-printing revolution is in full effect. We learn more about the tech that has traditional manufacturing in its cross hairs. Then, this gadget can save you 10-12% on heating and cooling costs compared to traditional programmable thermostats. Should you purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat? Wrapping up, we touch on changes in the smart glasses industry with a focus on AMA XpertEye Mobility M1. | Download Full Episode #313


    Segment 1: Made in the USA | Download Segment 1
    3D-printing, the disruptive manufacturing technology, is bringing back stateside production work in innumerable fields including the automotive, aerospace and health care industries. With us to expound upon the implications of 3D-printing is author of “3D Printing will Rock the World“, John Hornick (@jhornick3d1stop).


    Segment 2: Benefits of 3D-Printing | Download Segment 2
    Traditionally, the manufacturing process is very labor intensive and thus, requires lower labor costs. 3D-printing turns this model on its head allowing for higher labor costs in countries like the U.S. We discuss this notable benefit as well as where you can source designs and standard equipment costs with John Hornick (@jhornick3d1stop) of Finnegan IP Law Firm.


    Segment 3: National Security Risk? | Download Segment 3
    Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, was invented in the 80’s as a rapid prototyping process and has gained steam in recent years. With so many obvious benefits, is there a dark side to this tech? We delve into crime and national security concerns with contributor, John Hornick (@jhornick3d1stop).


    Get John Hornick’s book, 3D Printing Will Rock the World, via


    Segment 4: Nest Learning Thermostat | Download Segment 4
    This technology is so good, it practically pays for itself! The Nest Learning Thermostat (@Nest) keeps you and your pets comfortable, saves energy, and puts a little cash back in your pocket. Mark Rose offers an overview of the Nest Thermostat Generation 3, a smart buy at the $249 price point.


    Segment 5: Zone Cooling | Download Segment 5
    Do you have a space that’s large enough to require multiple thermostats? Nest (@Nest) has you covered. Nest Learning Thermostat Product Lead, Mark Rose, explains how multiple units work together to keep every zone of your home or office at an optimal temp. Then, we find out other products available by Nest.


    Segment 6: XpertEye | Download Segment 6
    XpertEye Mobility M1 (@AMA_SAfrance) allows users to connect with a remote expert anywhere in the world. How will this influence trade and medical work? Find out with AMA XpertEye U.S. Director, Anne-Fleur Andrle.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Brendon Massa
    Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Becky Vaughn

    Special Guests:
    John Hornick
    Mark Rose
    Anne-Fleur Andrle

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