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  • Jul 11, 2015

    Electricity and A.I. | FULL EPISODE | #274


    From five inventions that influenced population history, to a Wi-Fi smart doorbell, to the secrets of Nikola Tesla, we explore some influential breakthroughs and new arrivals in the scene. Also, find out how speech recognition and our improving computing technology could lead to a world not far removed from AMC’s “Humans”.

    Segment 1: Wi-Fi Doorbell
    Have you ever wanted a device to notify your phone when your doorbell rings? Learn how James Siminoff got the inspiration to build such a device when he was working on inventions in his basement, but could not hear his doorbell ringing.

    Segment 2: Ring and Chime
    The Ring Wi-Fi enabled Video Doorbell can be found at many places, ranging from Best Buy to The Home Depot. James tells us how he got his product out to all of the retailers, and other products he has out and on the way.

    Segment 3: Population Stabilization
    In honor of World Population Day, Population Connection has put together a list of the top five inventions that have changed population history. From the microscope to oil wells, Population Connection’s Pam Wasserman explains how each of these inventions came to be so influential.

    Segment 4: A.I.
    With the rapid advancement in speech recognition and connected technology, is the fantasy world of a TV series like AMC’s “Humans” becoming more of a reality? A.I. Expert, Charlie Ortiz, chats with us about this possibility and more.

    Segment 5: The Truth About Tesla
    Do you know who Nikola Tesla is? Tesla was an inventor, responsible for many things, ranging from alternating current to the radio and everywhere in between, or so we’ve come to think. “The Truth About Tesla” Author, Chris Cooper, says Tesla was no saint when it came to stealing works.

    Segment 6: The Tesla Turbine
    From a near zero friction turbine, to relinquishing his royalties for creating alternating current, we explore some of Tesla’s most and least brilliant moments. Chris Cooper urges us to take a second look at Tesla’s Turbine.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guests:
    James Siminoff
    Pam Wasserman
    Charlie Ortiz
    Chris Cooper

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