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  • May 02, 2015

    Creation and Science | FULL EPISODE | #264


    This week on Pop Sci Radio we attempt to understand the connections between science, God and aliens. Also, don’t trust miracle fat-reduction drugs, they could be dangerous!

    Segment 1: Science and Faith
    Can science and faith coexist? We chat with “God of the Big Bang” Author, Leslie Wickman, about the different processes we can examine our world with and how they relate to our perception of ‘proof.’

    Segment 2: God of the Big Bang
    With an interest in science and a deep rooted faith in God, Leslie Wickman has been searching for a way to have the two compliment each other. It all culminates in her book, “God of the Big Bang.” Listen in to hear what got her started.

    Segment 3: A Biological Code
    The world needs a better way to track products and tell if they are genuine, and legitimate. Thankfully, Applied DNA Sciences Executive Director of Textile Sales, MeiLin Wan, is here to shed some light on a new product that uses plant DNA to create a biological ‘barcode’ to track all kinds of goods.

    Segment 4: Space Compadres
    How likely are we to make contact with an intelligent alien species? Senior Astronomer and Director at SETI, Seth Shostak, is willing to bet everyone a coffee that we will meet some galactic friends in the next 25 years.

    Segment 5: Autonomous
    Seth Shostak lives an hour away from the Google world headquarters and practically lives in a different era than the rest of us. He offers up his viewpoint on the usefulness of self-driving cars.

    Segment 6: Just Eat Less
    Have you heard of the new fat-killing miracle injection? It works by breaking down fat with acid, and your cell walls are made of fat! Dr. Cort Stoskopf hazards that it can be very harmful, just eat less instead!


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guests:
    Leslie Wickman
    MeiLin Wan
    Seth Shostak
    Dr. Cort Stoskopf

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