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  • Jun 06, 2015

    Big Bang Theory, Science, and Robots | FULL EPISODE | #269


    Ever wondered how accurate the science of the Big Bang Theory TV series is? Curious about how well speech recognition technology and robots are advancing? We interview two great minds to probe for these answers.

    Segment 1: Joke Science
    Does technicality of the Big Bang Theory sometimes fly over your head? Dave Zobel’s new book, “The Science of TV’s The Big Bang Theory”, helps us to understand more of the knowledge given to us by Sheldon and the gang.

    Segment 2: The Real Deal
    Is the science of the Big Bang Theory actually real? Dave Zobel tells us about Big Bang Theories’ Science Adviser, David Saltzberg, and how he writes in all of the jokes and rhetoric using real science.

    Segment 3: It’s Not About the Cat
    It’s not hard for most of us to understand science as long as it’s explained well, and done without condescension. That being said, Dave Zobel still had a hard time explaining Schrödinger’s Cat in his new book.

    Segment 4: Robot Friends
    Ever wanted a robot friend to talk to you wherever you go? Sensory, Inc. CEO, Todd Mozer, tells us about the voice recognition technology they have produced for Jibo: The Worlds First Social Robot.

    Segment 5: What Is A.I?
    We are getting closer and closer to having real artificial intelligence, but what is it, really? We define A.I. with Todd Mozer and chat about some of the latest advances in voice recognition technology.

    Segment 6: Speech Recognition
    Coming out in May, 2016, Jibo brings us one step closer to having actual intelligent robots in our lives. We discuss the possibilities, and all of the good things that are coming out of speech recognition technology.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guests:
    Dave Zobel - @DaveZobel
    Todd Mozer - #SensoryInc.

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