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  • Aug 01, 2015

    Space and Smartphones | FULL SHOW | #95


    Earth has an older cousin, there’s a brown dwarf with stunning auroras, and a giant void in space. We catch up on the latest NASA news with Matt Funke. Then, we talk smart homes, smartphones and… farming?

    Segment 1: NASA’s Kepler Mission
    It’s a mere 8,000 trillion miles away, it has a star older than our sun, and it’s the most Earth-like planet we’ve found yet! We discuss Earth’s cool older cousin, Kepler-452b, with NASA (@NASA) Jet Propulsion Labs Solar System Ambassador, Matt Funke.

    Segment 2: Failed Star Found
    You thought Kepler-452b was a doozy of a name? Try LSRJ1835+3259 on for size. The mysterious brown dwarf is leaving scientists stumped. Find out what all the up-aurora is about.

    Segment 3: Thanks Math
    NASA (@NASA) Jet Propulsion Labs Solar System Ambassador, Matt Funke, is a self-proclaimed math nerd (and that’s a good thing). We pay homage to the ultimate, universal communication tool, mathematics.

    Segment 4: Wait for it…
    Should you take the Windows 10 plunge?’s (@digimediazone) Richard Gunther (@richardgunther) warns if you rely on Windows Media Center as your DVR, don’t upgrade! Plus, Jason Masters (@JasonTypesWords) offers a tech PSA, never upgrade your OS while intoxicated. Upgrade responsibly.

    Segment 5: Home Kit Fail
    Apple’s smart home automation system, Home Kit, is kind of dumb. Digital Media Zone’s Richard Gunther (@richardgunther) describes the Home Kit roll out as a “Hot Mess.” Has Apple’s lack of collaboration finally come back to haunt them?

    Segment 6: Diamond in the Rough
    The ecobee3 smart thermostat uses remote sensors to balance temperatures across a whole household, not just the hallway. Find out why Richard Gunther (@richardgunther) calls this product an underdog darling in spite of his qualms with Apple’s Home Kit.

    Segment 7: Smartphone Dark Horse
    OnePlus (@OnePlus) offers users off-contract phones with specs to rival the big dogs like Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, but Co-Founder Carl Pei (@getpeid) says there’s more to a product than the numbers. Learn more about the disruptive smartphones being dubbed flagship killers.

    Segment 8: Invite Only
    Better specs, epic camera, a focus on design, and futuristic features: these are the pillars of OnePlus 2 according to Carl Pei (@getpeid). This hot phone is only available to a precious few, however. Will you get an invite?

    Segment 9: Gregg did what?!
    In the wee hours of the night, Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) upgraded to Windows 10 (yeah, we were shocked too). Gregg offers first impressions on the new OS and Microsoft Edge browser.

    Segment 10: Fast Lane
    Google’s Project Fi (@projectfi) uses a combination of Wi-Fi and two 4G LTE networks to make sure you have the fastest connection available no matter your location. Early Access Program member, Chris Farlow puts the inexpensive, simple phone plans to the test.

    Segment 11: Farmer Graham
    Our teen tech tester, Graham Hill, is back with an interesting business idea to apply smart technology to farming.

    Segment 12: Future Farms
    What if you could play FarmVille for real and take home a share of the crop? From remote gardening to crowd sourced crops, we discuss the possibilities of social farming.


    Jason Masters
    Gregg Stebben

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guests:
    Matthew Funke
    Richard Gunther
    Carl Pei
    Chris Farlow
    Graham Hill

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