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  • Jul 26, 2014

    Smartphone, Smart Home | FULL SHOW | #51


    This week on Pop Tech Radio, we have mobile on the mind! We kick off the show discussing the latest phones, keyboard apps, and savvy accessories for moguls on the move. Then, learn about the latest smart home systems, and find out about the wearable headset that will blow your mind (or at least scan it).

    Segment 1: Smartphones and Shaving Cream
    It’s big, light, and beautiful! Gregg has received an LG G3, and he gives his first impressions of the smartphone. Tune in next week for an in-depth review. Then, what brand has Jason eating his shaving cream? Find out!

    Segment 2: Athletic Headphones
    Bluetooth technology is often incorporated into today’s wearable tech. Jason does a long-term review of the ONKYO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones marketed towards users with an athletic lifestyle.

    Segment 3: Big News for Apple
    The new public beta for Yosemite iOS has finally hit one million users. Learn why tech savvy Apple-loving, Gregg, won’t be downloading the Beta iOS.

    Segment 4: Moguls Mobile
    Did you know that experts are predicting that 97% of our lives in the future will be within three feet of a mobile device? Entrepreneur, fashion icon, and marketing expert, Daymond John has founded Moguls Mobile in partnership with Edison Nation. Learn about the latest mobile accessory products available for professionals on-the-go.

    Segment 5: Efficiency is Key
    Jason is testing out keyboard apps this week. We weigh the pros and cons of Fleksy and SwiftKey versus native iPhone and Android apps.

    Segment 6: Powerfully Predictive
    This keyboard app is reading my mind! Okay, not really, but the SwiftKey mobile app is taking predictive typing to the next level. Gregg explains why it’s his app of choice.

    Segment 7: Smart Home Protocol’s Director, Kim Garretson has been testing tech products since before the “Clapper.” We delve into home automation systems, and predict which providers will rule the roost.

    Segment 8: SmartThings Acquisition
    Gregg and smart home expert, Kim Garretson, recollect when CD’s first hit the market. Then, we discuss the recent Samsung acquisition of SmartThings.

    Segment 9: Hello Dave
    Is it a good time to buy a home automation system? We delve into current systems on store shelves, privacy concerns, and targeting advertising.

    Segment 10: Wearable Brain Scanner
    The Emotiv Insight is a brain activity tracker that you wear to track your cognitive health and well being. Tan Le explains how the Insight measures and processes data before going into future applications.

    Segment 11: Thinking Forward
    A portable brain scanner for less than the cost of an iPhone–The Emoiv Insight is bringing groundbreaking technology to the masses. Tan Le shares practical applications for this revolutionary device.

    Segment 12: Mind Bending
    Imagine having a device that helps optimize how your brain is processing the world around you. We take a moment to contemplate how the Emotiv Insight is unlocking the secrets of the human mind.


    Host: Gregg Stebben
    Co-Host: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Daymond John
    Kim Garretson
    Tan Le

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