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  • Aug 15, 2015

    Phones, Hacks, and the Commute | FULL SHOW | #96


    The world of cellphone carriers is changing as millennials rebel against the contract. We discuss some great new gadgets, hackers, compact electronic commuter vehicles, and more!

    Segment 1: OnePlus 2
    Gregg is getting to test the OnePlus 2, and he is a “dirty so and so” for it! Find out why this phone is an easy choice for anyone looking to get a new device (unless you’re a Verizon customer).

    Segment 2: No Contracts, No Problem
    Verizon is making the move to the non-contracted model. How does this affect other companies and people in the market for a new carrier or phone? Find out why this makes Gregg think Verizon is the best carrier in the country.

    Segment 3: Goodbye Contracts
    Consumers are putting their feet down as the cable/contract cutting generation marches on? We chat about how wireless carriers are phasing out contracts, and whether or not that is a good thing for everyone.

    Segment 4: More Features = More Doors
    Anytime a company adds more features to their software, it becomes easier to hack. We discuss the Jeep remote hack and what made it possible with Arxan Technologies CTO, Sam Rehman.

    Segment 5: Time Trap
    “Mitigating attacks is not as simple as just closing the door, you have to draw them in and waste their time.” Sam Rehman explains how his company protects their clients from cyber attacks.

    Segment 6: Good vs. Evil
    Not all hackers are bad. Sam Rehman clarifies that if it weren’t for the good hackers, it would be much harder to stop the attacks of the bad ones. Then, Sam lets us in on as much of the process of thwarting these cyber villains as he can.

    Segment 7: Raleigh Electric Bicycle
    Feel the wind in your hair! If you enjoy the freedom relaxing bicycle ride, then Raleigh’s electric bikes are for you. Rich Connors describes the joy he felt while riding the electrically assisted bike.

    Segment 8: E-Bike Commuter
    Could an electrically assisted bicycle be a good commuter vehicle? Gregg puts his Men’s Health editor hat on and describes the health benefits of using this electric bike as your daily transportation.

    Segment 9: E-Scooters and E-Bikes
    Would you rather ride an e-scooter or an e-bicycle? While we are on the topic of electrically assisted bikes, Gregg and Jason chat about a couple of e-scooters: the E-twow Boost Scooter and the EcoReco Electric Scooter.

    Segment 10: Antennas and Audio Interfaces
    Jason has been testing a couple of products and is excited to fill us in. The weBoost Drive 4G-X is a reception enhancing antenna that you can set up in your car, and it actually works! Then, learn about the portable Apogee audio interfaces that do twice the job of normal interfaces.

    Segment 11: Hospital Watcher
    The entrepreneurial spirit of Graham Hill shines bright as he tells us about his new business idea. Graham suggests a service that can monitor the status of a loved one and give remote access of video feed, diagnostics, and stats.

    Segment 12: Big Brother in Health Care
    What would the benefits of a hospital monitoring service be? We commandeer Graham’s idea, make a couple of improvements, and debate the pros and cons.


    Jason Masters
    Gregg Stebben

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guests:
    Sam Rehman
    Rich Connors
    Graham Hill

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