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  • May 05, 2018

    Lux Products Kono, Cibus and Gene Editing, and 1MORE Headphones | #180


    Keep cool with an affordable smart thermostat, eat right with gene edited foods, and listen to your favorite tunes with 1MORE headphones. Alan Taylor, Host of the Drive with Alan Taylor, and Brendon Massa share their experience with the Lux Kono smart thermostat. Then, we chat with Rob Munin, CEO of Lux Products, about the company’s history dating back to 1914, and their recent foray into the smart thermostat market. Next, Cibus Chief Scientific Officer, Greg Gocal, describes the difference between GMO and gene edited foods. Cibus is working to revolutionize the way we engineer plants. Last, Ari Morguelan, Director of Marketing and PR for 1MORE USA, Inc., explains the genesis of the company and what makes their patented headphone technology unique. Tune in now.


    ·[00:00:00] Alan Taylor Tests the Lux Kono

    ·[00:06:32] Lux, Not Just a Thermostat Company

    ·[00:12:30] Lux Kono – Easy, Affordable, Customizable

    ·[00:19:35] Geofencing and Voice Control

    ·[00:27:13] GMO vs Gene Editing

    ·[00:35:54] Cibus Makes Use of Natures Gifts

    ·[00:42:14] 1MORE Headphones

    ·[00:46:57] Grammy Winning Tuning Quality

    ·[00:54:45] Two New Headphones from 1MORE


    [00:00:00] Alan Taylor Tests the Lux Kono

    It’s that time of year again – long, hot days and chilly nights. If this is wreaking havoc on your power bill, it might be time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Alan Taylor, Host of The Drive With Alan Taylor, recently had his son-in-law, Brendon Massa, install a Lux Kono Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat in his home. As a traveling businessman, the Lux Kono reassures Alan that his house is always the right temperature and it isn’t costing him a fortune. With other features like geofencing, smart scheduling with utility cost estimator, and air quality mode, the Lux Kono is well worth the $149 price tag.



    [00:06:32] Lux, Not Just a Thermostat Company

    Did you know the mechanical kitchen timer was invented by a little known company in the mid 1900s that is still around today? Lux Products CEO, Rob Munin, gives an overview of their long history, from their founding in 1914 by Paul Lux, to their entry into the smart thermostat market three years ago with the Lux Geo. 35 years in the HVAC industry gave Lux the knowledge and understanding to build their line of smart thermostats. Find out why you need one in your home today.



    [00:12:30] Lux Kono – Easy, Affordable, Customizable

    The first smart thermostats were made for tinkerers, those willing to put forth time to uncover the ins and outs. Thankfully, the Lux Kono is affordable and easy to use, but it’s also customizable. Lux Products CEO, Rob Munin, describes how they’ve melded a simple, old-school feel with a modern, customizable faceplate. Use any of a number of preset color options, or paint your own faceplate to represent your style. If you’re renovating a room or moving into a new place, the Lux Kono is for you.



    [00:19:35] Geofencing and Voice Control

    It’s freezing outside and you want to return to a warm, cozy house, but running the heater running all day would be way too expensive! Lux Products CEO, Rob Munin, explains how Lux Kono makes use of geofencing to control your heating and cooling units when you’re anywhere from ⅓ mile to 60 miles away. When coupled with energy and runtime usage reporting, smart scheduling, and utility cost estimator, the Lux Kono pays for itself. Also, the Kono integrates seamlessly with smart voice assistants like Apple Homepod, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Lux Product’s Kono is changing the way we think about at home comfort.



    [00:27:13] GMO vs Gene Editing

    The debate between GMO and non-GMO has been raging for over a decade, but another player is on the scene. Cibus Chief Scientific Officer, Greg Gocal, describes the difference between the process of genetically modifying and gene editing. While GMO plants have genes from other plants, fungi, or bacteria inserted into their DNA, Cibus uses technology to edit a plant’s DNA – changing pieces, rather than replacing pieces. Tune in to learn more about GMO vs gene editing.



    [00:35:54] Cibus Makes Use of Nature’s Gifts

    While GMOs tend to use genes from unrelated sources to develop desirable traits in plants, like using fish DNA to make plants cold resistant, gene editing does not. Cibus Chief Scientific Officer, Greg Gocal, says plants already exist all over the world with these qualities, it just takes a little bit of know-how to transfer those traits from plant to plant. Cibus, while currently focused on improving canola oil, is in a unique position to stop diseases in plants and accelerate growth to fight world hunger. Find out more!



    [00:42:14] 1MORE Headphones

    Most headphone brands have their unique qualities, whether it’s a wood finish, or a lofty $1,700 price tag. 1MORE brings their own spin to the table with multiple drivers (speakers) and has created a premium experience at affordable prices. Director of Marketing and PR for 1MORE USA, Inc., Ari Morguelan, shares the genesis of the company and how they bring an Apple-like feel from their days at Foxconn. 1MORE got off to a strong start by making earbuds for Xiaomi and eventually patented their own piston style headphone drivers. These speakers use a piston like-motion to project sound, as opposed to an oscillating vibration, reducing distortion and increasing sound quality. 1MORE headphones are alive with the sound of music.



    [00:46:57] Grammy Winning Tuning Quality

    If you’ve ever shopped for a home theater or a soundbar, you’ve seen companies touting the number of speakers and frequencies they can reproduce. Director of Marketing and PR for 1MORE USA, Inc., Ari Morguelan, shares how they’ve implemented the same concept into their headphones. Using multiple drivers and unique tuning by Grammy winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, 1MORE recreates sound the way the artist intended, rather than creating it on a sound curve. Tune in for more.



    [00:54:45] Two New Headphones from 1MORE

    Once you’ve got a triple driver earbud, what’s the next step? A quad driver earbud, that’s what! Director of Marketing and PR for 1MORE USA, Inc., Ari Morguelan, describes their latest products, including quad driver earbuds, and triple driver over the ear headphones. With a new cable coating that prevents kinking and tangling, graphene-built dynamic drivers, and an upgraded higher-grade aluminum housing, 1MORE’s latest earbuds have a significant jump in build quality. Also, keep an ear out for their introduction into the gaming space, with their Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones. Find out why you should treat yourself to these ear candies.


    Explore More with Helpful Links:

    ·Guest: Alan Taylor | Host, The Drive with Alan Taylor / CEO, Entertainment Radio Network
    ·Guest: Brendon Massa | Property Manager / Alan Taylor’s Son-In-Law

    ·Guest: Rob Munin | CEO, Lux Products
    ·Guest: Greg Gocal | Chief Scientific Officer, Cibus

    ·Guest: Ari Morguelan | Director, Marketing and PR, 1MORE USA

    ·Link: Lux Geo

    ·Link: Lux Kono

    ·Link: Cibus’ Rapid Trait Development System

    ·Link: 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones

    ·Link: 1More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones

    ·Link: 1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones



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    Program Host: Jason Masters
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Assistant: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Jason Masters
    Copy Editor: Cody Castleberry
    Guest: Alan Taylor
    Guest: Brendon Massa
    Guest: Rob Munin
    Guest: Greg Gocal
    Guest: Ari Morguelan

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