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  • Mar 28, 2015

    'Dat App Show | FULL EPISODE | #78


    We’re all about those apps this week on Pop Tech Radio. From Crystal email add on to Project Overlord, we have loads of information about some of the coolest apps on the Android and iOS market.

    Segment 1: Airbnb
    Skittish about using Airbnb? Don’t be! Airbnb’s rating system creates a great level of accountability between hosts and guests.

    Segment 2: Crystal Clear
    Having trouble detecting other peoples conversation style at work? Crystal Project Founder, Drew D’Agostino, tells us about his new email add-on that helps you communicate more effectively.

    Segment 3: Crystal Knows
    How does Crystal know so much about everyone? Drew D’Agostino explains where Crystal gets its information and the process it goes through to figure out the best way to approach an individual in conversation.

    Segment 4: JamStik Plus
    JamStik has launched a Kickstarter campaign! Chris Heille explains how the JamStik Plus uses Apple’s Bluetooth midi connection software and has added a magnetic pickup for better pick detection.

    Segment 5: Portable & Approachable
    With a manageable price point of $299, the JamStik Plus is an accessible, new idea in the stringed instrument market. Get your JamStik today and start learning guitar!

    Segment 6: Contribute Now
    The early bird gets the worm in the case of JamStik’s current Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter contributors have the opportunity to get the new JamStik Plus for $249, a $50 savings, as well as a lot of cool package deals.

    Segment 7: Train Your Eyes
    Having trouble focusing while reading? Summer Sanders tells us how we can train our eyes in approximately 35 minutes a week, with the phone app GlassesOff.

    Segment 8: Eye Exercises
    Did your mom ever tell you to not to sit so close to the TV? Turns out she was right, constant screen viewing can damage your eye sight. GlassesOff can help reverse the damage done through “eye workouts”.

    Segment 9: Friend or Foe?
    The Crystal email app might seem pretty useful from one perspective, but how could it hurt you? We discuss the possibility of employers using Crystal to judge your personality before hiring you.

    Segment 10: Tire Alarms
    Tire theft is a large problem in many places around the world. Project Overlord President & Founder, Terry Gaskin, explains how his phone app and tag system will alert people when their tires are being tampered with and can track their current location.

    Segment 11: Project Spartan
    Even Microsoft thinks Internet Explorer is lacking! They have launched an initiative to create a web browser that is actually competitive with Google Chrome and Firefox, code named Project Spartan.

    Segment 12: Catch Up Game
    Microsoft has seemingly been behind the curve in recent years. Is their new move to Project Spartan indicative of core design or philosophy change within the company? We discuss the possibilities with Graham Hill.


    Jason Masters
    Gregg Stebben

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guests:
    Drew D'Agostino
    Chris Heille
    Summer Sanders
    Terry Gaskin
    Graham Hill

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