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  • Feb 13, 2016

    Cooking For Geeks | SEGMENT 5 | #118


    Segment 1: Echo Power
    Richard Chemel has been our Amazon Echo pioneer, but Gregg Stebben has taken a little longer to catch on. Gregg tells us about the power of voice-googling he experienced recently while writing his book.

    Segment 2: New Amazon Stores?
    Reports show that people are sexually harassing their Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, and Windows Cortanas, but more importantly, how do these companies know? Also, we chat with Richard Chemel about Amazon’s leaked plans to buy over 100 shopping hubs.

    Segment 3: Error 53
    Is Amazon doing some shady business? Also, what’s up with iPhone’s Error 53 message? Do we own software after we buy it? Richard Chemel sounds off.

    Segment 4: Great New Products
    Ever wanted a more powerful device charging battery, but don’t want to carry one around in your pocket? The 1 Voice Backpack is your solution. Jason fills us in on this and other products, like the SnapPower power outlets, and the Netgear Wi-Fi range extender.

    Segment 5: Cooking For Geeks
    Cooking food is a science, and Jeff Potter’s book “Cooking for Geeks” has simplified it for us. We chat with Jeff about some of Jason’s cooking blunders and how he could avoid them or learn and improve for the next time.

    Segment 6: Culinary Prudence
    Learning how to cook has some major advantages, but it does change your perspective. Jason Masters and Jeff Potter discuss how increasing their culinary skills has given them a more critical palate.

    Segment 7: POWERHANDZ
    Need a helping hand to gain the edge in your game? POWERHANDZ Co-Founders, Danyel and Darnell Jones, explain how their uniquely designed weight gloves and specialty items reduce dexterity and increase resistance to help train athletes grip, speed, and confidence.

    Segment 8: Real-Time Data
    At the Consumer Electronics Show, wearable trackers had such a huge presence that they got their own hotel ballroom as their show floor. Danyel Jones expresses POWERHANDZ’ intentions to be able to provide real-time data to help show users where exactly they need to improve.

    Segment 9: Finally Bulbs
    We all hate how long it takes for energy efficient bulbs to get to full brightness. Finally Bulbs Founder & CEO, John Goscha, tells us how they use acandescence to create energy efficient bulbs that emit a warm, even light; and they reach full luminosity in seconds!

    Segment 10: Tech Packed Chevy Bolt
    Forget about range anxiety, the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt has a 200 mile range! Chevrolet Marketing Product Manager, Darin Gesse, gives us the low down on the Bolt’s features, including their intriguing one pedal driving.

    Segment 11: Surround Vision
    Tired of the stress of parking in packed urban centers? Sick of carrying around that gigantic key fob? Darin Gesse fills us in on some exciting new technology that is being introduced with the Chevrolet Bolt: Surround Vision and Key Pass.

    Segment 12: Roost at Home Depot
    Get notifications and vastly improved battery life on your fire alarm with Roost, now available at Home Depot! CEO Roel Peeters discusses the advantages of having this smart battery in your home.


    Jason Masters
    Gregg Stebben

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guest:
    Richard Chemel
    Jeff Potter
    Danyel Jones
    Darnell Jones
    John Goscha
    Darin Gesse
    Roel Peeters

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