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  • Jun 13, 2015

    Apple WWDC 2015 | FULL SHOW | #89


    Why wait until new tech is unveiled to the masses? The Apple World Wide Developers Conference gives industry insiders a technology lovers the chance to preview the products and operating systems of tomorrow. Tune in for event highlights.

    Segment 1: Speakin’ My Language
    The adoption rate of the Apple programming language called Swift was, well… swift! This is mirrored by consumers’ uptake of the OS X Yosemite. We discuss a shocking slide from the Apple WWDC keynote presentation contrasting Window 8.1 and Yosemite adoption rates.

    Segment 2: iExperience
    The iPod debuted 14 years ago and converted many Microsoft lovers to die-hard Apple fans. With an iron fist like hold on quality control, Apple continues to crank out stunning products. Can Microsoft even compete?

    Segment 3: Cursor Jiggle
    The new Mac OS X, El Capitan, will have a host of upgrades, but one minor change is garnering buzz in the Apple community. What is “Call Out Your Cursor”, and why can’t you live without it?

    Segment 4: Schooling Siri
    A smarter Siri is coming soon, and will likely usher in a new era of seamlessly integrated apps. How will this effect app developers? Find out. Plus, hack your Android for a Siri-like Google Now experience.

    Segment 5: HomeKit Hates Android
    Android users aren’t welcome in these parts! HomeKit is a smart home solution compatible with iOS devices only. Will this result in a higher amount of Apple-only households, or will consumers seek more inclusive solutions?’s Richard Gunther sounds off.

    Segment 6: Smart Home Rivals
    Will we ever see a Nest product that has a “works with Apple HomeKit” logo on it? Probably not. Consumers looking to build a smart home system are in a precarious position with a fragmented marketplace. Hailing from, Richard Gunther shares his go-to home automation tech, the Insteon hub and Lutron Caseta lighting system.

    Segment 7: Defining Standards
    With no industry standard for home automation systems and products, consumers lose. We look at technology case studies like the light bulb and USB cable with Richard Gunther.

    Segment 8: Smart Selections’s Richard Gunther is no stranger to smart home technology. In fact, he started upgrading his house more than 10 years ago. If he had an instant redo, would he keep the same gear he has now?

    Segment 9: Sex and Rock N’ Roll
    HealthKit adds a new category with iOS 9 geared to help women track reproductive health. Find out why the sexual tracker is noteworthy. Then, will Apple Music successfully poach Spotify users?

    Segment 10: watchOS 2
    From smart watch to bedside alarm clock, consumers love the subtle features of the Apple Watch, but Apple isn’t resting on its laurels. Will a new OS within six weeks of launch encourage developers to design new apps faster?

    Segment 11: Privacy Please
    What is the true cost of “free” Google and Facebook services? Apple fires shots at the 2015 WWDC with “private from the ground up” campaigns. Gregg says Apple knows nothing about you, and that’s a good thing.

    Segment 12: Split Screen Capability
    Apple iPad will offer split screening (finally). This is just one of numerous features that Apple has been fashionably late to offer to consumers. Will Apple do it better than Android?


    Jason Masters
    Gregg Stebben

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guest: Richard Gunther

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