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  • Jan 10, 2015

    2015 CES Part 1 | FULL SHOW | #69


    160,000 people flock to Las Vegas every year for the Consumer Electronics Show. Enjoy week one of our multipart coverage.

    Segment 1: CES At A Glance
    Here to give us a bird’s eye view of the largest technology trade show in the US is CEA’s Laura Hubbard. Laura fills us in on everything from interactive dog food dispensers to hi-def MP3 players.

    Segment 2: Sling TV
    Dish Network is making news at the 2015 CES with the announcement of Sling TV, a live over the web streaming service geared towards cord-cutters. Bob Toevs tells us more.

    Segment 3: RCA 4K TV’s
    RCA will be launching seven new 4K Ultra HD television models in 2015. John Preiner shares new advancements including a smart TV platform to make it easier for users to access their video content, and upscale a standard broadcast to near 4K quality.

    Segment 4: Audeze Headphones
    Attention audiophiles: Audeze’s EL-8 handmade headphones boast a stunning look and the most advanced planar magnetic technology in the world for ultimate sound quality. We get technical with Audeze Founder and CEO, Alex Rosson.

    Segment 5: Jamstik
    Jason is nerding out on one of his favorite music products at CES, the Jamstik. Zivix Music Specialist, Chris Heille gives us a live demo of the 16-inch guitar controller with finger sensing technology.

    Segment 6: New for Monster
    Vern Smith explains the revolutionary tech behind Monster’s new connected iSport Super Slim Bluetooth ear buds. Plus, learn more about the new Monster SoundStage wireless multiroom audio system.

    Segment 7: Life Fitness
    Let’s talk fitness! Life Fitness is using Bluetooth to allow activity trackers to seamlessly integrate into exercise equipment. Anthony Morelli discusses the connected fitness movement.

    Segment 8: Q500 Typhoon
    New drone pilots can open the box and fly with the Yuneec Electric Aviation Q500 Typhoon quadcopter. Michael McNabb tells us how this unique product is perfect drone-flying beginners.

    Segment 9: Transformer Books and ZenFone
    Christine Yin shares what’s new for ASUS at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show including the Transformer Book T300 Chi laptop family, and new ZenFone 2.

    Segment 10: JookBox
    JookBox is the social speaker that allows you to connect up to 10 truly portable, WiFi enabled speakers to create the ultimate party atmosphere. Creators Thomas and Michael Condon say they’re ready to go head-to-head with Sonos.

    Segment 11: Twenty
    Don’t be tethered to your stereo! Griffin is giving new life to those old bookshelf speakers collecting dust in your house. Jackie Anderson explains how Twenty is bringing connectivity to your yester-tech.

    Segment 12: Zound Industries
    Marshall’s classic on-ear Major headphones have received an upgrade after four years. Oscar Axhede of Zound Industries describes the groundbreaking updates.

    Segment 13: 3D Audio
    Next Galaxy’s CHEEKARS 3D audio headset is enhancing the virtual reality experience on your mobile device. Mary Spio tells us more about the 360 degree VR experience that will revolutionize home entertainment.


    Host: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Laura Hubbard
    Bob Toevs
    John Preiner
    Alex Rosson
    Chris Heille
    Vern Smith
    Anthony Morelli
    Michael McNabb
    Christine Yin
    Thomas Condon
    Michael Condon
    Jackie Anderson
    Oscar Axhede
    Mary Spio

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