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  • Sneak Peek: Fun Coffee Facts

    Happy Friday tech lovers! One of this week’s interviews was just so delicious that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We hope you enjoy this special commercial free sneak peek. We sit down with the folks at Nespresso to find out the technology is takes to make a perfect cup of jo.


    Here are 10 fun facts about coffee to keep that Friday buzz going strong!

    1. Coffee has been classically celebrated in art and music. In fact, Johan Sebastian Bach wrote an opera about a coffee addicted woman.

    2. You know that web cam on your computer? You have coffee to thank for that! The first webcam was invented at The University of Cambridge to let people know if the coffee pot was full or empty.

    3. It’s said that Teddy Roosevelt consumed a GALLON of coffee every day! We don’t recommend that you do that.

    4. Coffee grows in what’s called the Bean Belt; an area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Just in case you needed another reason to plan a summer getaway to Hawaii, it’s the only US state within the bean belt. And yes, Nespresso gets beans from there. Check out this video:

    5. In the ancient Arab culture, a woman could legally divorce her husband if he didn’t provide enough coffee. I guess that makes good “grounds” for divorce!

    6. Feeling tired? Try brewing light roast coffee. It actually has more caffeine than the darker roasts.

    7. The term “Americano” was coined to describe how the American GI’s would order their espresso in WWII. They watered down their drinks because they were too strong.

    8. Coffee berries don’t ripen evenly so many gourmet varieties are picked by hand.

    9. 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year — half of that is at breakfast time. The US accounts for about 150 billion cups annually.

    10. Finally, cowboys used to prepare coffee by packing grounds into a sock (preferably clean) and submerging it in boiling water. You could do that too, but wouldn’t you rather have an artisnal java blend topped with yummy crema? So would we. Check out the new Nespresso VertuoLine that we covered on Pop Tech, and have a great weekend!

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