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  • Radio Update: News and Reviews

    Segment 1: Pros and Cons
    Amazon is under fire from consumers for not allowing pre-orders of Warner movies during business negotiations. On a positive note, Prime member now have access to ad-free streaming music. Samir Bhavnani fills us in.


    Segment 2: GoPro Goes Public
    GoPro has announced an unusual offering on Wallstreet. Small time investors will have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor during this unique IPO. Also, we discuss Allibaba’s announcement of 11 Main; a buying site available for US consumers.


    Segment 3: Smartphone Photography
    What was the nexus of putting a real camera lens onto a smartphone? Patrick O’Neill describes the development process behind Olloclip, where to buy, and different lens options.


    Segment 4: Mobile Photo Filters
    Filters can make a huge difference in photography whether you’re using a digital camera or your smartphone. Olloclip Founder and CEO, Patrick O’Neill discusses how they’re aiming to make the smartphone photography experience better.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Listen to find out how you can get half off Olloclip products!


    Segment 5: Antenna v. Internet
    These days, an increasing number of American TV viewers are seeking out content via the internet. CEA’s Brian Markwalter shares why users are shifting away from traditional broadcast television.


    Segment 6: Ripple Effect
    As users shift to internet based video content, a surge in bandwidth is needed to keep up with demand. Brian Markwatler discusses the ripple effect as viewing preferences change.


    Segment 7: Patents and Products
    Henge Docks offers unique high-quality docking stations for Apple products. CEO and Founder, Matthew Vroom shares the beginning struggles for Henge Docks before delving into the current product line.


    Segment 8: Gravitas Docking Stations
    The Henge Docks Gravitas is a handy docking station for your iPad. Matthew Vroom shares the materials that make the Gravitas so special.

    As a SPECIAL OFFER to our listeners, get free shipping through July 6, 2014 when you use the promo code “PopTech” at checkout.


    Segment 9: Net Neutrality
    You’ve probably heard the phrase “Net Neutrality” in recent months, but what does it actually mean? University of Pennsylvania professor, Chris Yoo explains the debate raging over internet regulations.


    Segment 10: Privatized Internet
    Should the US move to a regulated internet system similar to European models? University of Pennsylvania professor, Chris Yoo explains why the current free-market approach is the way to go. Do you want to learn more and get involved? CLICK HERE.


    Segment 11: BlueBuds X Reviewed
    It’s time for another Pop Tech Tester review! We find out how the Jaybird BlueBuds X performed when Rick put them to the test. Rick covers ease of use, audio quality, and concerns over price.


    Segment 12: Logitech BT Adapter
    The Logitech Bluetooth Adapter allows you to convert your mobile device into an audio source for your home stereo. Was it easy to use and pair? Pop Tech Tester Rodney sounds off.


    We announced two new Pop Tech Tester items this week: the Olloclip Quick-Flip Case for iPhone 5/5s & 4/4s, and the Henge Dock for iPad. Sign-up to be a Pop Tech Tester for your chance to win these great accessories for your Apple devices:

    CLICK HERE Pop Tech Tester Banner copy

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