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  • How has technology changed your life?

    Segment 1: Life Changing
    Mike Kahn recalls what is was like to have an Apple II Plus as a youngster, and how that single item gave him a lifelong love for technology. Then, Samir Bhavnani explains his amazement when finding people “online” outside of his neighborhood via the internet. Switching gears, we discuss the World Cup, streaming TV, and more.


    Segment 2: What’s New on Wall Street
    GoPro, the popular and rugged POV camera, went public last week, and the stock has exploded! We delve into the inception of GoPro. Then, the Monkey Parking App allows users to secure and auction off a parking space. Find out why the city of San Francisco is standing up against the App.


    Segment 3: Peppermill Goes Green
    Are you getting ready to take a vacation? Will technology be part of it? The Peppermill Resort and Casino may be the perfect place to get away! Dean Parker discusses the renewable geothermal energy that heats 100% of the Peppermill.


    Segment 4: You Bet!
    Are you a fan of race and sports betting? Terry Cox explains how the Peppermill uses technology to support real-time betting on multiple events worldwide.


    Segment 5: Playstation 4
    The world of gaming entertainment has evolved considerably over recent years. At the forefront of console gaming is the Sony Playstation. John Koller explains the importance of creating games and services based on the wants of gamers.


    Segment 6: Future Tech
    Halo has been a core title for XBox for many years. Now, Bungie has created a new game for Playstation fans called Destiny. John Koller shares why this title is setting the gaming world buzzing. Then, we dig into Project Morpheus; a virtual reality headset that envelopes gamers in a new world.


    Segment 7: Christmas in June
    CE Week just wrapped up in New York. This event is essentially a sneak peek of what products will be available come Christmas time. Shawn DuBravac fills us in on hot items that are likely to fly off the shelves in December.


    Segment 8: Hot CE Trends
    3D printing and wearables are huge growth areas in the consumer electronics realm. Consumer Electronics Association Chief Economist and Director of Research, Shawn DuBravac, explains why customization is key for consumers.


    Segment 9: You’ve Got Mail!
    Christina Burruss shares her experience connecting on chat boards, the precursor to social networking, in the early days of AOL. Branching out, we discuss the evolution of social networking platforms.


    Segment 10: Motivation and Inspiration
    There’s a new project around the bend for Christina Burruss. Find out how you can tune in to Christina’s new podcast, “On the Rise” a show dedicated to providing uplifting, motivational interviews.


    Segment 11: Instant Publishing
    Fresh from CEWeek in New York, Amy Gilroy joins us to talk about the latest trend of “crowd-sourced journalism.” Is instant publishing positive or negative? Then, we delve into Google’s announcement regarding a simplified connected car interface for Android users.


    Segment 12: Future Cars
    The autonomous car could be a reality in your driveway in the near future. Mike Kahn and Amy Gilroy share their personal experiences with self-driving cars, and discuss black horse companies making strides in this exciting category.


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