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  • Computer Safety, Crowd Funding, MWC, the latest Apps and more!

    Segment 1: Mobile World Congress

    What’s new in the wonderful world of technology this week? We talk about the 2014 Mobile World Congress where the latest and greatest smart phones, tablets and were-ables are show with Matthew Valbuena and Samir Bhavnani.


    Segment 2: Bitcoin, Facebook, and WhatsApp

    Buyer’s beware: Bitcoin could cause trouble for individual users. Plus Facebook and WhatsApp are doling out huge customer acquisition fees. Is it worth it? Matthew Valbuena sounds off.


    Segment 3: MWC with Chris Chute

    Fresh from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Chris Chute of the International Data Corporation fills us in on this huge event in tech. His take away? You have to take risks to innovate.


    Segment 4: The Black Phone

    Have you heard of the “Black Phone”? You don’t need to be a secret agent to get your hands on a cutting-edge smart device. We discuss the latest trend of encrypted mobile devices with Chris Chute. Also, we discuss some of the latest gadgets including the Fujitsu’s augmented reality gloves.


    Loop Wallet could be a mobile solution to make your life easier at checkout. CEO of Loop Pay, Will Graylin discusses the convenience of the world’s first mobile wallet, and how he found the inspiration for such an innovative app.


    Segment 6: Loop Wallet Cont.

    Loop Wallet is the smart new device that will simplify your shopping experience by transmitting a magnetic pulse from your phone to a POS system. Sign up today at


    Segment 7: Shifting Sails

    Sailing is making a huge sporting comeback largely due to the fast pace of races. In this segment we talk with sailing expert and President of Next Level Sailing, Troy Sears, about the technology involved in crafting lightning fast sailing ships.


    Segment 8: Against the Wind

    Today’s sailing ships can go up to 50 mph, and can literally fly over the water. Controlling the speed and limiting safety risks has been a huge tech challenge. Next Level Sailing CEO, Troy Sears discusses innovations in the hard-core, high-tech sport of sailing.


    GateKeeper will add to your security and privacy in the work place. Now available on Kickstarter, we talk with Alex Lee and Siddharth Potbhare about the fob that senses when you come and go from your computer. This product will be featured on BEFORE it hits the market, so sign-up today.


    Segment 10: Locking Your Computer

    Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the GateKeeper fob allows you to lock and unlock your computer without hitting a single key on your keyboard. Alex Lee and Siddharth Pottbhare tell us more.


    Crowd Funding is allowing everyday people to invest in and try out the latest tech. We speak with Chris Versace, our resident financial tech expert, about the new wave of angel investing.


    Segment 12: Don’t Bet the Ranch

    Crowd funding may be the way to feed your entrepreneurial  spirit. PowerTrend Profits’ Editor, Chris Versace talks about smart investing rules.


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