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  • Oct 11, 2014

    Project List | FULL SHOW | #3


    In the latest installment of Motorz we learn where to find how-to videos, find out the latest changes to the Jeep Wrangler project car, and make a priority list of upgrades.

    Segment 1: Find Motorz
    Are you looking to get your Motorz fix? Chris Duke tells us how. Plus, we get a recap of recent upgrades for the Jeep Wrangler SEMA car.

    Segment 2: Aftermarket Priorities
    Do you have a new car, and want to get started with aftermarket upgrades? You might want to tackle fuel economy and HP first. Find out how. Then, Chris Duke looks forward to the install of a ProCharger Supercharger.


    Chris Duke
    Alan Taylor

    Producer: Jared Alexander

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  • Motorz

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    Motorz is the fastest growing nationally televised DIY Automotive Improvement® series now in its sixth season. Unlike other automotive shows that skip important steps during commercial breaks, use expensive tools, or perform feats that would be impossible for the average viewer, Motorz shows viewers how to confidently and properly maintain a vehicle and install aftermarket accessories with simple step-by-step instructions in a home garage environment.

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