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  • Aug 25, 2018

    Motorz Update and Go-Karts and New Tools at the Craftsman Launch Event


    Motorz TV host, Chris Duke, shares his experiences at the Craftsman Launch event, including finally meeting Chip Foose, racing go-karts against Ryan Preece, Erik Jones, Richie Crampton, and Wayne Carini. Switching gears, Chris Duke lets us know about his new project for Motorz TV – a Chevrolet C10.


    [00:00:00] Craftsman Launch Event
    [00:07:20] Go-Kart Races at Craftsman Launch
    [00:15:54] Go-Kart Workout and New Craftsman Tools
    [00:23:22] New Motorz Project: Chevrolet C10


    [00:00:00] Craftsman Launch Event
    Alan and Motorz TV host, Chris Duke, recently attended the Craftsman Launch event to get a first look at their new line of tools. While Craftsman is putting out 1200 new tools, all made in America, it was their newly upgraded 20v batteries that caught Alan’s attention. The old battery powered drills used 19.2v, and one might think that with such a seemingly slight upgrade wouldn’t yield much of a power increase, but boy would they be wrong. When you pull the trigger on these new drills, you feel the difference. Learn how Stanley Black and Decker is committed to making every brand under their belt the best they can be, including Craftsman.


    [00:07:20] Go-Kart Races at Craftsman Launch
    What do you get when a 175 year old company purchases a 90 year old company? A much improved Craftsman, that’s what! Motorz TV’s Chris Duke and Alan Taylor were emcees in Baltimore for the Craftsman Launch event August 16th and got to talk to some great influencers, but that wasn’t all they did. Chris shares a story about his go-kart races against Ryan Preece and Eric Jones of Joe Gibbs racing, NHRA Top Fuel Star, Richie Crampton, and master car restorer, Wayne Carini. Needless to say, Chris didn’t win. Would you race against NASCAR and NHRA racers?


    [00:15:54] Go-Kart Workout and New Craftsman Tools
    Racing Go-Karts is much tougher than it may sound. With a grip of death, frantic blindspot checking, and full-body muscle tension, Motorz TV’s Chris Duke got himself a workout on the track against Ryan Preece and Eric Jones of Joe Gibbs racing, NHRA Top Fuel Star, Richie Crampton, and master car restorer, Wayne Carini. “That wasn’t the hardest part,” Chris tells us, “After that, I had to talk to 50 or so influencers on stage!” Next, Chris gives us his top picks of the 1200+ new products from Craftsman, including the V20, V40, and V60 batteries. The V60 is a particularly massive, lunchbox sized battery, able to power a huge assortment of equipment. The V60 Lawn Mower was another one of Chris’ favorites, making use of the V60 battery to get up and go. They also used the V60 battery on gas powered lawn mowers as an alternative to the traditional pull-string starter. Which new Craftsman products are you looking forward to?


    [00:23:22] New Motorz Project: Chevrolet C10
    Chris Duke is on the hunt for a Chevrolet C10 for his upcoming season of Motorz TV. With an eye for the classics, he was hoping to get his hands on an ‘87 Chevy C10, but has not been able to find anything in southern California. Luckily, after following and researching a host of C10 builders, Britt of Rust Speed Shop offered up his expertise on ‘67-’72 Chevy C10s and a good ole’ project truck he happend to have laying around. Chris plans to help Britt rebuild this C10 partially at his shop, and then move it to San Diego where he will film a multi-episode series on the history surrounding the C10 and why it is such a big deal. Also, Alan’s next segment on Motorz, which will be part of Drive Towards a Cure for Parkinson’s. Do you share Chris’ love for the Chevrolet C10?


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    Host: Alan Taylor
    Co-Host: Chris Duke
    Producer: Dave Milligan
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
    Copy Editor: Jess Baumgardner

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