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  • Oct 10, 2015

    October 10, 2015 | FULL SHOW | #146


    Why are so many quarterbacks getting hurt on the field? And what can we learn from their injuries? Plus, does your Halloween costume and wardrobe affect your career and social life? Explore these topics and more with us this week on Men’s Health Live.

    Segment 1: Butt-Saving Radio
    Got a problem? We’ll tell you how to fix it. Gregg (@GreggStebben) and Peter (@MHPeterMoore) preview this week’s topics: fashion fails, affordable healthcare, and injured quarterbacks.

    Segment 2: Trillion-Dollar Budget
    What’s it like to try and balance a budget of approximately one trillion dollars while raising two kids at the same time? Get the inside scoop from US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell (@SecBurwell), as she describes going from home to work at the White House for her boss, the Commander-in-Chief.

    Segment 3: Obamacare Boss
    When it comes to your family’s healthcare, do you know what you’re buying and how much you’re paying for it? Sylvia Burwell (@SecBurwell), US Secretary of Health and Human Services, gives us the lowdown on the current health care market.

    Segment 4: Shopping For Surgery
    Don’t want to spend your whole retirement on a simple medical procedure? Tune in as US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell (@SecBurwell), describes her vision for the future of affordable healthcare.

    Segment 5: Banish NFL Injuries
    Has your favorite NFL player been benched due to injury? Dr. Jordan Metzl (@drjordanmetzl) offers pro tips for avoiding injury yourself so you can stay in the game instead of riding pine.

    Segment 6: Get Stronger Here
    Play hard like your favorite NFL player and bounce back in time for the board room. Listen for Dr. Jordan Metzl’s (@drjordanmetzl) tips on effective strength training, good nutrition, preventative healthcare, and varied pregame warm-ups.

    Segment 7: Wardrobe Man-Function
    Could playing dress up with your significant other spice up your love life? Can your wardrobe increase your confidence in day-to-day activities? Peter Moore (@MHPeterMoore) sounds off.

    Segment 8: Gym Clothes Optional
    Listen in as MFF Gym Owner, Mark Fisher (@MFFClubhouse), describes how he uses costumes (and nudity) to create a wild and unique gym experience.

    Segment 9: Faster Than Superman
    Would overtaking Superman during a marathon give you a boost? Peter Moore (@MHPeterMoore) takes us back to his New York Marathon run and how his experience relates to fitness psychology.

    Segment 10: Pink Gym Tights?
    Can attracting more attention to yourself by wearing a costume to the gym influence you to workout harder? Hear MFF Gym Owner, Mark Fisher (@MFFClubhouse), as he explains how stepping outside of your comfort zone is an inherent part of fitness.

    Segment 11: You Wear That?
    Stop dressing like a schlub! Having the right wardrobe can increase your confidence and change your life. Men’s Health Fashion Director, Sandra Nygaard (@Suddenlysandra), coaches you on attractive attire.

    Segment 12: Fat Ass, Skinny Jeans
    Found a fashion trend you like but don’t have a body to match? MH’s Fashion Director, Sandra Nygaard (@Suddenlysandra), is ready to help you find the style that’s right for you.


    Gregg Stebben
    Peter Moore

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guests:
    Silvia Burwell
    Dr. Jordan Metzl
    Mark Fisher
    Sandra Nygaard

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