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  • Jul 18, 2015

    July 18, 2015 | FULL SHOW | #134


    From Pluto to your kitchen table, we explore it all this week on Men’s Health Live (@MensHealthRadio). Click to find out how to cook like a pro-chef, survive a dinosaur attack, and truly connect with Mother Nature.

    Segment 1: Strike a Pose, Pluto
    In case you missed it, Pluto, the farthest planet in our solar system, was the star of NASA’s (@NASA) recent fly-by photoshoot. Learn how Pluto is changing our galactic vocabulary. NASA (@NASA) Solar System Ambassador Matt Funke joins the show.

    Segment 2: Data Dump from Space
    Now that NASA spacecraft New Horizons (@NASANewHorizons) has snapped some photos, we get to look at all the up-close pics of Pluto, right? Listen in as NASA’s (@NASA) Matt Funke explains why it could take us until the end of 2016 to receive all of the data from the space probe and a lifetime to analyze it.

    Segment 3: (Almost) Lost In Space
    New Horizons (@NASANewHorizons) is soaring past Pluto and it’s never coming back. Before floating off into obscurity, the soon to be wayward space probe has one a final mission. Matt Funke of NASA (@NASA) reveals the last job of the unmanned spacecraft.

    Segment 4: Gregg Cooks?
    It took 19 years of marriage, but Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) finally donned an apron and made dinner for his wife. Find out why Men’s Health’s new ingredient delivery service, Chef’d, convinced Gregg to finally step up his kitchen game.

    Segment 5: Chef’d Up
    Cooking meals from Chef’d is so easy that even Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) can do it! (No offense, buddy!) With our resident foodie Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita) in the studio, Gregg recalls his first time making dinner. Are you ready to sharpen your culinary skills, too? Listen now.

    Segment 6: Barbecue ’til You Drop
    On his mission around the world to search for great beer and barbecue, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita) stops at the Windy City Smokeout (@WCSmokeout) in Chicago, Illinois. Bub City’s Doug Psaltis (@dpsalt) lays out the barbecue commandments. Prepare to drool!

    Segment 7: Backyard Blowouts
    Think you lack sufficient time or dough to have the best summer of your life? MH writer, Lila Battis (@lilabattis), tells us why that’s a load of crap! Discover super-close, epic vacation destinations and start packing!

    Segment 8: What’s Your Rush?
    Are you ballsy enough to bungee? How about hang glide? For an adrenaline-pumping experience, tune in for MH editor Lila Battis’ (@lilabattis) thrill-seekers vacation guide.

    Segment 9: Wilderness Survival
    There is no safety net in the great outdoors, warns survival expert Erik Kulick. Before you become stranded or injured, start prepping! Click now.

    Segment 10: Wild Man at Work
    Squaring off against Mother Nature will make you a better man…if you survive! Find out from survival expert Erik Kulick, how getting lost in the wild will help you take charge in the boardroom.

    Segment 11: How to Fight a Dinosaur
    Could you best a prehistoric beast? Erik Kulick gives us the how-to guide we can use to survive everything from a dinosaur to an urban shooter.

    Segment 12: Fix It with Tai Chi
    Tai Chi may sound way too tame for the average Men’s Health reader, but it’s worthy of Editor, Peter Moore’s (@MHPeterMoore), time. Peter tells us the origin story of this 8,000-year-old martial-art form and why it may guard against some scary maladies.


    Gregg Stebben
    Paul Kita
    Peter Moore

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guests:
    Matt Funke
    Paul Kita
    Doug Psaltis
    Lila Battis
    Erik Kulick

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