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  • Jul 11, 2015

    July 11, 2015 | FULL SHOW | #133


    We name the #1 party beer, learn how to survive a shark attack, have a cooking lesson with celebrity chef Robert Irvine, and prep for an epic summer vacation on the cheap. It’s a quintessential summer episode of Men’s Health Radio. Tune in now.

    Segment 1: Best Damn Summer
    Have you made this the best damn summer of your life? It’s not too late to plan something wild. Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) has two tips for the ultimate summer vacation. Plus, find out what’s in store this week on Men’s Health Radio (@MensHealthRadio).

    Segment 2: Shaving By Mail
    Is joining a subscription shave club actually worth it? According to MH Fashion Director, Sandra Nygaard (@SuddenlySandra), hell yeah! Find out how what club is best matched to your unique face.

    Segment 3: First Class Shave
    More blades don’t translate into a better shave. In fact, a plethora of blades could result in the opposite effect, depending on your skin type, says MH Fashion Director, Sandra Nygaard (@SuddenlySandra). If you’re ready to have a baby’s-ass-smooth shave, listen now.

    Segment 4: Feed-Your-Face Fitness
    Ditching the drive-thru doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in the kitchen. A home-made meal can be ready in less than 10 minutes. Celebrity chef and star of “Restaurant Impossible,” Robert Irvine (@Robertirvine), tells us how.

    Segment 5: Feeding Time For Humans
    How often should you be eating? Take a lesson on dieting from the celebrity chef with enviable, bulging biceps, Robert Irvine (@RobertIrvine), the star of “Restaurant Impossible.”

    Segment 6: Big Beer Snob
    There is one beer to rule them all. MH Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita, (@Paul_Kita), says this brew will impress even your most critical and snobbish beer friends. Tune in for Paul’s #1 party-beer pick.

    Segment 7: Vacation: It’s the Law!
    Well, it might not be the law now, but Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at the Duke University Institute for Brain Sciences, Dr. Murali Doraiswamy, argues vacation should be mandatory in the US. It’s that important! Learn why.

    Segment 8: Vacation for Your Brain
    Does your brain need a vacation? One vacation day can increase quality sleep, improve memory, boost alertness and more. Listen for Dr. Murali Doraiswamy’s vacation tips, designed to give you ample brain rest and recovery.

    Segment 9: Cheapest Plane Tix
    There’s still time to book a last-minute, epic vacation. CEO of (@CheapAir), Jeff Klee tells us how to save on airfare so we can drop dough on the fun stuff once we arrive. Tune in as we debunk travel myths and I.D. the best day for deals.

    Segment 10: Two Tickets to Paradise
    Looking for an inexpensive summer vacation? Jeff Klee of (@CheapAir) says large hubs mean lower fares. Click now to hear the two most affordable flight destinations this season.

    Segment 11: Sharks Leave Marks
    Shark attacks are rising this summer; are you ballsy enough to dip a toe in the sea? Dr. Craig O’Connell, expert for the new Discovery Channel documentary “Shark Island,” sounds off on likely environmental conditions that may be bringing sharks closer to shore…and closer to you!

    Segment 12: Shark Crossing
    Don’t miss shark-y warning signs! Dr. Craig O’Connell details the red flags indicating you’re in a shark zone. Plus, find out what to do if a shark attacks. Hint: Prepare to punch!


    Host: Gregg Stebben
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Sandra Nygaard
    Robert Irvine
    Paul Kita
    Dr. Murali Doraiswamy
    Jeff Klee
    Dr. Craig O'Connell

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