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  • Mar 07, 2015

    Vintage Guitars and Food Trucks | FULL EPISODE | #18


    Ritchie Fliegler and Frank Falbo talk about what it takes to break into the guitar industry. Then, Ross Resnick has a unique take on catering and food trucks.

    Segment 1: Falbo Guitars
    Fearless Marketing Partner, Ritchie Fliegler, believes Falbo guitars has figured out a way to bring something unique to a guitar world dominated by Gibson, Fender, and Martin.

    Segment 2: Past, Present, and Future
    How does one reinvent the acoustic guitar? Falbo Guitars Founder,Frank Falbo, is making guitars with today’s techniques and materials that sound like aged vintage guitars.

    Segment 3: Be Kind to Thy Neighbor
    Be good to people and have determination. Frank Falbo tells the classic David and Goliath story of his company.

    Segment 4: Relationships Are Important
    Ritchie Fliegler and Alan analyze what makes Frank Falbo stand out: his ability to understand and cultivate relationships.

    Segment 5: Gourmet on Wheels
    Roaming Hunger Founder, Ross Resnick has created a platform for people to find or book food trucks. Find out why he did this and how it has become a profitable market for him.

    Segment 6: Ease Of Use
    Locate, rent or franchise: Roaming Hunger Founder, Ross Resnick, is making it simple to immerse yourself in the food truck business whether you’re a customer or a vendor.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guests:
    Ritchie Fliegler
    Frank Falbo
    Ross Resnick

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    • Rodney James
      Mar 10, 2015 at 11:09 PM
      Great interview!! Go Frank! Looking forward to checking out your guitars!
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