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  • Mar 19, 2016

    Telecommuting and Inventing Your Future | FULL SHOW | #64


    Find out why telecommuting may be a great way to work with companies from all over, and how to avoid the pit falls of working from home with Diana Ennen. Also, Paul David Walker gives us some insight on inventing our future.

    Download Full Episode #64


    Segment 1: Telecommuters | Download Segment 1
    Working virtually from your home or another state has opened up unlimited possibilities in places where there used to be none! Virtual Word Publishing Founder, Diana Ennen (@DianaEnnen), reminisces about the dawn of telecommuting.


    Segment 2: Virtual Assistants | Download Segment 2
    Working from home can take some discipline, but as long as you remain focused, telecommuting can have many benefits! Diana Ennen (@DianaEnnen) shares some tips for working virtually, like making use of virtual assistants and letting others know your value.


    Segment 3: Know Your Value | Download Segment 3
    Keep your consistent income, know your value and price accordingly, and learn to optimize your time management. Diana Ennen (@DianaEnnen) gives us sage advice for keeping our businesses thriving.


    Segment 4: Invent Your Future | Download Segment 4
    Author and CEO Coach, Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker), came to America with his family at the age of five with $60 to their name. Now he coaches CEOs of fortune 500 companies! Find out how he took the advice of his newest book, “Invent Your Future“, to heart to get where he is today.


    Segment 5: Be An Expert Download Segment 5
    “By the age of 60, be sure you’re an expert at something that you love to do.” Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker) shares some of his life experiences to help us along our business paths.


    Segment 6: Know Your Market | Download Segment 6
    Know what your market is calling for and what you can best provide them, build commitment, and master inner stillness. Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker) fills us in on his steps to inventing our future.


    Connect with Alan online:
    Twitter: @AlanTaylorERN



    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Diana Ennen
    Paul David Walker

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