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  • Sep 12, 2015

    Real Estate and Business | FULL SHOW | #38


    Learn how to drive your business idea home and present your plans to investors effectively. Then, we take a look at the real estate market and discuss the current state of the market.

    Segment 1: Fulfill a Need
    Don’t look to others to solve your problems for you. Scott Duffy (@Scott_Duffy) tells us to take that need and use it to launch our own businesses.

    Segment 2: Frame of Reference
    In life and in business, you need to always be flexible so that no situation can arise and throw you completely off guard. Scott Duffy (@Scott_Duffy) uses a military anecdote to drive this point home.

    Segment 3: Complexity in Simplicity
    When pitching an idea to an investor or a potential partner, remember the K.I.S.S. principle. Scott Duffy (@Scott_Duffy) advises us to never overwhelm an investor with complicated plans. Instead use this strategy that they are more likely to accept.

    Segment 4: Real Estate Business
    The only time you are in trouble in the real estate business is if you sell at the wrong time. Shore Consulting’s Jeff Shore fills our brains with loads of information and advice about the real estate market.

    Segment 5: Buy Buy Buy
    Should you go for an “owner carry” contract? Is it a good time to buy real estate? Jeff Shore presents us with the facts and offers up sage advice for any aspiring realtor.

    Segment 6: Fund Your Dreams
    Do you have a dream or the passion to start up a new business of your very own? Benetrends President and CEO, Rocco Fiorentino, explains how they can help you find funding for your business.


    Host: Alan Taylor

    Producer: Jared Alexander

    Special Guests:
    Scott Duffy
    Jeff Shore
    Rocco Fiorentino

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