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  • Feb 27, 2016

    Meditation and Internships | FULL SHOW | #61


    More and more people in business are centering themselves through meditation each day, find out why you should too! Also, learn why an internship program is the perfect way for students to learn valuable skills, and a great method for businesses to impart practical knowledge on new generations.

    Segment 1: From Moscow to Meditation
    After moving to the United States from Moscow in 1980, Diamond Mind Founder & CEO, Mila Diamond, was slow to learn English and get on a career path she was interested in. Mila shares how the right mentor and a good dose of meditation helped her conquer English and study computer science.

    Segment 2: Focused Energy
    “When our focus is dispersed, our energy is discharged, but if we concentrate our energy we can awake a tremendous force within us.” Mila Diamond expresses the importance of a focused mind, in the workplace or anywhere else, and how meditation can help you and your business keep its eyes on the prize.

    Segment 3: Focus Your Mind
    As entrepreneurs, we balance our business, personal, and social lives and may find it hard to focus. Luckily, Mila Diamond gives us a quick 15 minute exercise that will help quiet our minds and focus our thoughts.

    Segment 4: Learn and Let Learn
    Internships gives students a hands on experience in an industry they might be interested in, and companies the opportunity to mentor young people and develop new relationships. Intern Queen Inc. Founder & CEO, Lauren Berger, informs us on the benefits of internships.

    Segment 5: Unpaid Vs Paid Internships
    Having an internship program isn’t a gateway to whimsical-free-worker-land. Lauren Berger fills us in on some rules of unpaid internships and explains why a paid internship might be a better solution.

    Segment 6: Stay In Touch
    If you’re either looking to start an internship program or become an intern, Intern Queen Inc.’s Lauren Berger has three tips for you! There seems to be one constant, though, always stay in touch!


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Special Guests:
    Mila Diamond
    Lauren Berger

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