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  • Dec 21, 2015

    Lessons From Maui and Mercedes | FULL SHOW | #51


    Don’t let your business fall into the same traps that other prominent ventures have. Learn why a strong website and high customer satisfaction ratings are keys to success.

    Segment 1: Get A Website!
    Many small community entrepreneurs have great products and a similar problem, they lack an understanding of how instrumental a great website is to helping their business grow. Miva President & COO, Rick Wilson, describes how driving business to a modernized website will skyrocket your business.

    Segment 2:
    Build a website to rival the likes of for your business! Learn how takes expertise they have gained by building ecommerce platforms for huge and successful business and artists, like Taylor Swift, and applies it to creating a personalized website for your growing venture.

    Segment 3: Tips for Maui
    What would Miva President & COO, Rick Wilson, tell a struggling entrepreneur to help them along their way? Believe in your self, treat your company like a family, and be sure to have a great website, that’s what!

    Segment 4: Driven to Delight
    The automotive industry is a very important part of our economy, and when Mercedes-Benz was crashing, it didn’t go without notice. Driven to Delight Author, Joseph Michelli, explains why he was commissioned to write this book, what Mercedes-Benz hoped to change with it, and where they went wrong.

    Segment 5: Customer Satisfaction
    With superior engineering, and stylish cars, what caused Mercedes-Benz to fall so far in JD Power and Associates rankings? Joseph Michelli explains how having an unsatisfactory customer experience put Mercedes-Benz in a bad place, and how he helps companies escape similar fates.

    Segment 6: Mercedes-Benz #1
    Brands are nothing better than what customers say about them. Joseph Michelli fills us in on how Mercedes-Benz was able to turn their selves around and become #1 on JD Power’s customer satisfaction rating.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guests:
    Rick Wilson
    Joseph Michelli

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