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  • Jul 18, 2015

    Generation Gap | FULL EPISODE | #31


    Prescient Strategists Managing Partner, Author, and Talent Management Expert Dr. Curtis Odom brings us a unique look at the generation gap in the modern workforce. What advantages and challenges are presented by each segment in the business world? How can we work together to help each other, young and old, to propel our companies into the future? Dr. Odom has the answers we seek, this week on Inc. Radio.

    Segment 1: Prescient Strategists
    The generation gap is becoming more apparent as businesses become increasingly multigenerational. Prescient Strategists Managing Partner, Dr. Curtis Odom, explains how his firm can help your company tap into the full potential of your employees.

    Segment 2: Still Inspired
    Many companies are seeking out younger employees, so how can people that are presumed to be “over the hill” appear more attractive to employers? Dr. Curtis Odom says you have to present your self in a way that says “the experiences I’ve had in the past help me see trends and think innovatively”.

    Segment 3: Wave of Millennials
    Why have large companies been seeking millennials to fill positions? Dr. Curtis Odom tells us that the younger generation’s adaptability, willingness to accept change and diversity, and comfortability with technology makes them very attractive for companies looking for longevity in the workplace.

    Segment 4: Staying Relevant
    With the increased demand for younger minds in the workforce these days, how can older generations sell themselves? Find out how displaying a willingness to learn and adapt to the changing world of business will keep you relevant.

    Segment 5: He Who Hesitates is Lost
    When presented with an opportunity, take it and worry about the details later. Alan shares a life experience with Dr. Curtis Odom that teaches us to be fearless and confident with our abilities.

    Segment 6: Where Are We Headed?
    How can you examine your skill set and apply it to deciding what career path you should pursue in life? Which generation is having the biggest impact in the workforce? Tune in as we tackle these questions with Dr. Curtis Odom of Prescient Strategists.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guest: Dr. Curtis Odom

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