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  • Dec 24, 2016

    A New Way to Do Things | FULL SHOW | #105


    2017 is the year to do things differently. Fund your new ideas more efficiently, utilize the full benefit of technology, and take responsibility for your actions to propel yourself and your business to greater heights. LaunchBoom and Progressly’s Co-Founders, as well as the CEO of DropIn know the secrets. Tune in to take advantage of their knowledge. 


    Segment 1: Pre-sell your Pre-sale 
    Crowdfunding is a low risk way to launch a new product. But is there a secret to guaranteed success? Will Ford, President and Co-Founder of LaunchBoom, thinks so. He has devised a system that focuses on gaining subscribers BEFORE your product is put to market. Listen in for more!


    Segment 2: Timing is Everything 
    Is there a right time and a wrong time to launch a new product? In Will Ford’s experience, there absolutely is. His company, LaunchBoom, has boiled crowdfunding down to a perfect science. He can predict exactly how much revenue you can pull in during a campaign based on how many email subscribers you collect before launch. Skeptical? Visit their website to see how it works!


    Segment 3: Show Me The Money
    How does Will Ford, President and Co-Founder of LaunchBoom, know so much about crowdfunding? A serial entrepreneur, Will has started several businesses and multiple Kickstarter campaigns over the years. This experience has led him to where he is now; helping other entrepreneurs kick off their ideas with a 99% success rate.


    To get started on your own campaign, check out


    Segment 4: Keeping Up with the Times 
    With the power of technology at your fingertips, how can you ensure your company takes advantage of all the tools it provides? Progressly (@Progressly), Co-Founded by Nick Candito, can help you keep up with the times and move your company into the 21st century.


    Segment 5: Light at the End of Incarceration
    What would you do if you were incarcerated for 12 years after being convicted of the largest seizure of ecstasy in U.S. history? You probably wouldn’t start a video streaming service that allows insurance companies to receive real-time photo and video evidence to help process claims quicker. Find out how Louis Ziskin, CEO and Founder of DropIn (@DropInInc), did just that.


    Segment 6: Taking Charge
    If you realize that you’re responsible for where you’re at now, you can take responsibility for where you go next. Louis Ziskin learned this, and it helped him turn from prisoner to entrepreneur and philanthropist. CEO of DropIn (@DropInInc), speaker and activist for addiction prevention, and contributor to charities such as To Write Love On Her Arms (@TWLOHA) and the Backpack Program (@FeedingAmerica), Louis has taken charge of his life. Are you ready to do the same?


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

    Special Guests:
    Will Ford
    Nick Candito
    Louis Ziskin

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