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ERN Headlines of the Week: July 9, 2016 – July 15, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

The Rumor Mill | #252

There’s a lot going on in the car world, and not all of it is great news. Alan discusses with guests the fatal Tesla crash, as well as the crisis emerging around Takata airbags. We do get to more upbeat topics, such as the mid-engine Corvette rumor and Ford’s amazing success with the new GT. We even bring in a guest from Ford to talk about it! | Download Full Episode #252

Segment 1: Conform to the Norm! | Download Segment 1
It’s just a fact – some cars are faster than others. But evidently in the race world, this isn’t allowed. Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag)  joins Alan for a rant fest where they both express their dislike for wing clipping, added weight, and turbo boost modifications.

Segment 2: Everything’s Better on Dirt Download Segment 2
For the first time since he was 16, Alan attended the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. And guess what? It was awesome! Alan and Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag) talk about their mutual affection for dirt track racing.

Segment 3: IndyCar: The Vegetable Races Download Segment 3
What’s new in the IndyCar (@IndyCar) world? Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag) fills us in on the latest news and upcoming races, including the one bearing his favorite name: the Corn 300 in Iowa!

Segment 4: Tesla Tragedy Download Segment 4
More concerns have arisen regarding the safety of autonomous cars since the recent Tesla crash. The accident cost a 40 year old man his life after the autopilot feature failed to register a truck changing lanes in front of him. Alan and Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) discuss what happened, and how this event might impact the future of autonomous vehicles.

Segment 5: Takata Airbag Crisis Download Segment 5
What do you rely on to help keep you safe in a crash? Your seatbelt, headrest, and airbag are all important features designed to minimize injury. But what if one of those safety features threw out shrapnel when deployed? Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) shares the details of Takata’s airbag recall, one of the largest automotive recalls he can remember.

Segment 6: Coming Next from Corvette Download Segment 6
An intriguing rumor has caught Karl Brauer’s (@KelleyBlueBook) attention recently – the possibility of a mid-engine Corvette! Karl anticipates it may surface within the next two years at the Detroit Auto Show. We’ll be keeping an eye out!

Segment 7: The Maine Attraction Download Segment 7
Our next guests are a couple of guys we haven’t talked to in a while! Alan catches up with Josh Hancock (@JOSHCAR) and Dick Messer. Find out what the two of them have been up to lately.

Segment 8: Hollywood Tales Download Segment 8
What’s new in the Hollywood car world? Josh Hancock fromJOSHcar (@JOSHCAR) fills us in on the generous gift Snoop Dog gave to Kobe Bryant for his retirement.

Segment 9: Mid-Engine? Madness! Download Segment 9
Earlier in the show, we discussed the possibility of a mid-engine Corvette. Alan, for one, is excited by the prospect. Let’s find out what Josh Hancock (@JOSHCAR) and Michael Austin(@therealautoblog) think of the rumor!

Segment 10: Too Much to Talk About Download Segment 10
There’s so much to talk about with Josh Hancock (@JOSHCAR) andMichael Austin (@therealautoblog) that Alan is starting to lose track of the conversation! We take a look at the 2016 Lexus RC 200t F Sport (try saying that five times fast), roads made from pig waste, and the fatal Tesla crash.

Segment 11: Pebble Beach Download Segment 11
Pebble Beach is coming up – who’ll be going? Alan, Josh(@JOSHCAR), and Dan Sandberg (@BremboBrakes) share their travel plans.

Segment 12: A.K.A Download Segment 12
Alan lets his inner child out to play when he reveals the little-known nickname of cabin air filters (and why he’s not supposed to say that name on air).

Segment 13: Car Latin Download Segment 13
There are a few different ways to get rid of funky smells in your car’s interior. Thankfully, Alan knows what these methods are and is willing to divulge his secrets.

Segment 14: The Invisible Car Download Segment 14
You know that you’re not supposed to drive a red car because it’ll get you pulled over, right? Well did you know there are even more “color codes” for silver and black cars? Listen in if you’re curious.

Segment 15: Fantastic Ford GT Download Segment 15
We’ve been talking about the new Ford GT so much, it’s high time we brought someone from Ford onto the show. Garen Nicoghosian, Design Manager for Ford Motor Company (@Ford), is warmly welcomed and heartily congratulated on the amazing success Ford has experienced. Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) andDan Sandberg (@BremboBrakes) are given the chance to ask Garen where the inspiration for the Ford GT’s design came from.

Segment 16: Saluting the Past Download Segment 16
Garen Nicoghosian, Design Manager for Ford (@Ford), reveals a bit of the design process behind the Ford GT. With a tight budget and firm regulations, the team set out to create a legendary machine – and they succeeded.

Segment 17: Covercraft DashMat Giveaway Download Segment 17
One lucky live listener will be the winner of a Covercraft DashMat, perfect for hiding or preventing cracked dashboards. All they have to do is answer Alan’s question correctly: What year did theFord GT first win Le Mans?

Segment 18: The 50 Year Itch Download Segment 18
Caller Dave from Southern California thinks he knows the answer to Alan’s trivia question! But first, we ask for his opinion on aluminum truck beds.


Inc. Radio

Catering to the Customer | #80

The love we have for our dogs is second to none (well, our kids might come first; but if they don’t we’re not judging you). Why not spoil man, woman, and child’s best friend rotten with a new box of toys and treats every month? And speaking of great products, how are retail stores supposed to compete with the massive online marketplace that’s becoming more and more dominant every day? Carly Strife, Pano Anthos, and Scott Duffy join us to talk shop(ing). | Download Full Episode #80

Segment 1: BarkBox Download Segment 1
Attention dog lovers! Are you looking for amazing toys and treats for your best friend? Say hello to BarkBox (@barkbox), a monthly subscription service for you and your furry pal. Here to tell us more is Carly Strife, COO and Co-founder of Bark & Co.

Segment 2: The Box of Bonding Download Segment 2
BarkBox (@barkbox) is run by dog people. They know what they would want for their babies, and use that knowledge to curate a perfect mix of tasty (natural) treats, and toys for pups of every size.

Interested in subscribing? Visit for more info.

Segment 3: Listen to your Customers Download Segment 3
During the five years that BarkBox (@barkbox) has been in business, is there anything Carly Strife has learned that she wants to pass on to others? Tune in to hear about the importance of continuing innovation and focusing on the product.

Segment 4: Choice and Experience Download Segment 4
If it exists, you can probably buy it online. The world of Internet shopping has only grown larger over the years, and it’s expected to keep on moving up. What chance do brick and mortar retail stores have in a world fueled by e-commerce? We ask Pano Anthos (@ptanthos) what he thinks.

Segment 5: The Future of Retail Download Segment 5
What kind of technology might be in store for the retail world? Augmented reality, perhaps? And how is Starbucks able to take something fundamental like coffee and turn it into a personalized $6 experience? Pano Anthos (@ptanthos), Founder and Managing Director of XRC Labs (@xrclabs), explains how great products and customer connections can lead to high success.

Segment 6: Time for Takeoff | Download Segment 6
Starting a business is a daunting task, especially when you dive in unprepared. If you’re looking for a step by step tool to help you take your idea to market, check out Launch @ Inc.comScott Duffy (@realscottduffy), Special Project Editor for Launch, gives us a rundown on all of the features and content you can find on Launch. What are you waiting for? Get started!


Working Mother Radio

Mental Health and a Plug-in Society | #136


Many postpartum issues do not get specialized attention unless a celebrity happens to be experiencing one. But mental health is just as important as physical health for new moms. Dr. Sarah Randall is here to share what you can do to better take care of yourself, and by extension your baby. We also talk with best-selling author Marianne Williamson about our over-medicated society, and how to help your family step away from the electronics, if only for a day. | Download Full Episode #136

Segment 1: Mental Well-Being Postpartum | Download Segment 1
Today, we’re going back to the beginning to talk about pregnancy. Specifically, we will be exploring postpartum mental health issues that can arise almost out of the blue. Dr. Sarah Randall (@CalabasasBH), a Psychologist specializing in Peripartum Mental Health, has a mission to bring to light many conditions that are often downplayed and ignored.

Segment 2: Postpartum OCD Download Segment 2
Four percent of new moms will be affected by Postpartum OCD. This usually manifests in the form of obsessive, unwanted thoughts about harm coming to your baby, either intentionally or as the result of an accident. This leads to compulsive behavior that attempts to prevent any these thoughts from becoming a reality. Listen in to hear what you can do to if you find yourself struggling with similar fears.

Segment 3: Postpartum PTSD Download Segment 3
We usually associate PTSD with the military or abusive situations. But what most moms don’t realize is that a traumatic event such a complication during the birth process, or a major deviation from their birthing plan can trigger Postpartum PTSD.

For more information on Dr. Sarah Randall and her work,

Segment 4: Over-medicated Society Download Segment 4
We’re seeking advice from a best-selling author, legend, and one of Bettina’s personal heroes. Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) has written several books, each regarding whatever she felt passionate about at the time. Her most recent book, “Tears to Triumph,” deals with navigating sadness and pain during a time in history when it seems like everyone is on some form of medication to help them cope with life.

Segment 5: Unplugged but Still Connected Download Segment 5
The world certainly has changed. Prior to the 1980′s, pharmaceutical companies were not allowed to advertise medication on television. Today, these ads are everywhere, including on kid’s channels. Marianne Williamson(@marwilliamson) advises us on what we can do to get our families unplugged and away from harmful messages and marketing.

Segment 6: Me Time Download Segment 6
The last topic Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) would like to touch on is the prevailing concept that we have to be available and connected to our work lives 24/7. For working mothers, it can be particularly difficult to transition from career mode to family mode. Marianne suggests 30 minutes of a relaxing activity to allow yourself to gently switch back into mother mode – time to break out the bubble bath!

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