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Inc. Magazine Cover Guy: Marcus Lemonis

In 40 brief unscripted minutes, viewers gain insight on the man they call “The Fixer” each week. Marcus Lemonis, star of CNBC’s hit reality show, The Profit, is equal parts savvy investor and therapist for struggling business owners. In the program and in life, Lemonis comes to the aid of family-owned businesses on the brink.

In a recent Inc. Magazine interview, Lemonis stated, “In most cases, the people who apply to get on the show are really in need of more than just financial help.” Since the program began in 2013, Lemonis has received nearly 40,000 requests for his help. It looks like there is plenty more fixing to do! You can read more about the Inc. Magazine cover guy here.

After covering the October article on Inc. Radio, our very own Alan Taylor had the opportunity to catch up with Lemonis during the 2014 Inc. 5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony in Phoenix. What was Lemonis like at age 10? Lemonis says that he lived in a very dark place as a child, and thought of business as an escape. Flash forward to today, we find out what it’s like to shoulder the immense responsibility of inspiring and saving failing businesses. Listen to find out more about Lemonis’ journey.




Want to hear more success stories (and failure) from inspiring CEO’s like Marcus Lemonis? You can listen to our coverage of the Inc. 5000 Conference now on Inc. Radio:


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