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Randy Grubb’s Magic Bus

Recently, our hometown of Grants Pass, Oregon held its annual Back to the Fifties celebration. Patrons enjoy a myriad of activities, dressing up in 50s attire, a parade, and a special car show in local Riverside Park. We love our classic cars here in Grants Pass, and Randy Grubb puts our town’s passion on display with his most recent “full-function sculpture.”



Randy Grubb’s Magic Bus is a beautiful work of art, created from the bones of a Divco Milk Truck, a 21 window Volkswagen Bus, and a 1974 GMC Motorhome. The Divco Milk Truck contributed its nose, which Randy had to widen by eight inches to give the Magic Bus the proportions he wanted.



The 1974 GMC Motorhome provided the bulk of the body and the chassis which this elegant moving sculpture sits on.



The 21 window Volkswagen Bus rests on top, creating a double-decker experience, complete with a powered elevator to the top.



Once on top, flop down into a bed of pillows and hang out, because that’s what this bus is built for. Planned for use as a limousine, Randy Grubb’s Magic Bus will host wine tours in Napa Valley, near San Francisco, California. So hop on, sit back, and relax.



“I take a lot of pride in my sculptures. But at the end of the day, if they don’t work, if you can’t drive them, and actually use them, I didn’t build it. If it runs and drives and really works, it’s a Randy Grubb original.”




Watch the full video below!


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