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Make the Future Detroit: The Shell Eco-Marathon Americas

The 2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas Helps Students Make the Future.

Inspiring students, the Shell Eco-marathon is about the innovation of vehicles that can go farther on one gallon of gas than we ever could’ve imagined. This event teaches students the value of teamwork and instills within them a sense of pride for something they engineered and built with their own hands. 

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the Shell Eco-marathon Americas is putting the future of fuel economy into the hands of a younger generation at the Make the Future Detroit festival. Students from all over spend months designing fuel efficient vehicles and then test them on a special track on the streets of downtown Detroit.

Alan Taylor and Jeff Allen interviewed many inspiring people at this event, and discovered why this festival is having such a large impact on future generations. Over 100 teams competed at this year’s event.

Check out some highlights below…

Students line up at the starting line of the 2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas: Make the Future Detroit

2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas: Make the Future Detroit

Over 100 teams showed up for the event, here’s a look at the super-millage car line-up

2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas: Make the Future Detroit

Alan Taylor & Jeff Allen on stage at Make The Future Detroit, checking out the Heroes of Tomorrow Trophy 

2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas: Make the Future Detroit


Heroes of Tomorrow Award

Photo Credit: Dan ‘Boots’ Longenette

Alan and Jeff learn about new energy ideas on the horizon from Pavegen including street lights that you can power just by jumping!

Photo Credit: Flat 12 Gallery

Matt Anderson of The Henry Ford Museum tells us about the electric 1980 Comuta-car


Alan inspects the 1980 electric Comuta-car

2017 Shell Eco-marathon: Make the Future Detroit


 On stage with Team Penske’s Joey Logano at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas


Chad Holiday, Chairman of the Board for Royal Dutch Shell, Wants to Inspire Our Youth for a More Efficient Future



Sydney Kimball, VP of Retail Sales for Royal Dutch Shell

2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas: Make the Future Detroit



We are in a time where a fuel efficient future is necessary and the 2017 Shell Eco-marathon Americas has made it their job to help inspire youth along this path. We cannot wait to see what the future holds!


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