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  • Oct 17, 2015

    Mobile Devices and Laptops | FULL SHOW | #105


    Need a cheap, yet effective e-book for business travel? Or perhaps you’re in the market for a powerful carryon laptop for the on the go artist or producer. We’ve got a couple of Windows 10 powered options for you to take a look at, as well as some great new mobile and data recovery services this week on Pop Tech Radio.

    Segment 1: Acer Wins
    While it may not be the best computer ever made, the Acer Aspire One may be the best $199 computer ever made. Gregg throws in his two cents on this economical laptop option as well as the Acer Aspire R 13.

    Segment 2: A Steal Deal
    What makes the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook such a good deal? Well, Windows 10, the free cloud storage, and Office cost more individually than the asking price. If that’s not reason enough, Jason and Gregg have more!

    Segment 3: Apple Wireless
    Is Apple going to become a wireless carrier? Richard Chemel discusses the possibilities of Apple piggy backing off of all the current carriers to get their own network off the ground.

    Segment 4: DriveSavers
    If your I.T. guy is your nephew or niece, it may be time to fire them and seek help from a professional. DriveSavers’ Chris Bross, urges us not to rely on quick fixes or untrained help when retrieving important lost or corrupted data, seek professional help!

    Segment 5: Forensic Data Evidence
    DriveSavers are having their best year ever saving peoples electronic data. Chris Bross explains how the emergence of forensic data evidence and the proliferation of the handheld device have provided him with more business than ever.

    Segment 6: Cellphone Security
    Mobile security is a big topic of discussion and concern these days. We pick Chris Bross’ brain for good cellphone security and safety tips. Have a more complex password!

    Segment 7: Video Chat Your Doc
    Connecting through smartphone video is becoming an increasingly popular method for checking up with our doctors. Dov Cohn explains how TouchCare Telemedicine helps us maintain a relationship with our physicians while meeting all the legal mandates.

    Segment 8: TouchCare
    Want to connect with YOUR doctor via video calling? SVP Dov Cohn describes the features of TouchCare in detail, from billing to the inner workings of the app.

    Segment 9: Finally Bulbs
    We all hate how long it takes for energy efficient bulbs to get to full brightness. Finally Bulbs Founder & CEO, John Goscha, tells us how they use acandescence to create energy efficient bulbs that emit a warm, even light; and they reach full luminosity in seconds!

    Segment 10: Microsoft Surface Book
    If you need computing power on the go, with style and ease of use, the Microsoft Surface Book is for you. ERN Production Assistant, Cody Castleberry, chats about some of the key new features that Microsoft has included in their first ever laptop.

    Segment 11: Technology Catch Up
    Graham Hill has been holding his very own community outreach program for seniors, in which he helps them catch up with new technology. Graham tells us about some of the knowledge holes that may seem obvious to a younger generation that were unbeknownst to those in his class.

    Segment 12: Professor YouTube
    If you feel that you’ve fallen behind in the technological knowledge race, Jason has a suggestion for you: YouTube. We discuss the wonderful, tutorial filled world of the popular video hosting website.


    Jason Masters
    Gregg Stebben

    Producer: Jason Masters

    Special Guests:
    Richard Chemel
    Chris Bross
    Dov Cohn
    John Goscha
    Cody Castleberry
    Graham Hill

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