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  • May 21, 2016

    Lessons from the Past | FULL SHOW | #73


    Colin Day has been running his own company since he was 23. Luckily, he’s agreed to share his story with us. We’ll hand on to his advice as we switch to Paul David Walker, CEO, author, and poet. In a Memorial Day homage, Paul presents a few of his poems to us, reminding us that freedom has its price. These are two conversations you do not want to miss out on. | Download Full Episode #73


    Segment 1: Mission to Improve Lives | Download Segment 1
    Hiring the right people for your business is important. That’s why companies like iCIMS exist. CEO Colin Day founded iCIMS (@iCIMS) in 1999 when he was just 23 years old. Ever since then, he has been focused on helping businesses find and employ the best of the best.


    Segment 2: In the Beginning | Download Segment 2
    Colin Day tells the origin story of his company, iCIMS (@iCIMS). Starting as a spin-off enterprise, iCIMS was in danger of capsizing after its parent company pulled funding. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Colin kept his head above water, and brought his business the success it enjoys today.


    Segment 3: Go Your Own Way | Download Segment 3
    Stay focused on your core. That is the key lesson that Colin Day (@iCIMS) has learned, and the best piece of advice out there for anyone in business. With a company containing over 400 employees serving 3,000 customers, you can bet this guy knows what he’s talking about.


    Segment 4: “Gravedigger” | Download Segment 4
    In honor of Memorial Day, Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker), CEO of Genius Stone Partners, presents two poems he has personally written to remember his fallen friends. The first one, titled “Gravedigger,” can be heard in this segment. Join us in the next segment to hear more.


    Segment 5: “Buried Things” | Download Segment 5
    We continue our Memorial Day dedication with Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker), author of “Invent Your Future.” Paul shares his hauntingly beautiful poem, “Buried Things,” and reminds us that it is okay to mourn.


    This coming Memorial Day, take a moment to say thank you, and remember those we have lost to the battlefield.


    Segment 6: Humility in Leadership | Download Segment 6
    Humility is not a weakness. Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker) and Alan explore the idea of humility in the workplace, and how it can help you as a leader and a human being to remember to be righteous.


    More on this can be found in “The Climb,” an article written by Paul.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

    Special Guests:
    Colin Day
    Paul David Walker

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