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ERN Headlines of the Week: Feb 27, 2016 – Mar 04, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

Car Reviews and EPA Regulations | #234

We take a look at a few special car’s we’ve been driving, including Alan’s Dodge Viper and Karl Brauer’s Ford GT. Then, we chat with Chris Kersting about the proposed EPA regulation.

Segment 1: Viper = Superior Handling
Alan finally took his Viper on some windy Oregon roads and was astounded by the level of power and handling he experienced. KBB’s Karl Brauer shares a similar story from his early days with the company where he test drove a Viper.

Segment 2: Car Love
When it comes to driving your favorite car, whether it’s a Dodge Viper or a Ford GT, there’s nothing quite like it. Karl and Alan explain the emotion that can only be akin to love for their cars.

Segment 3: Volvo XC90
Do you want a top of the line luxury SUV, fully loaded with all the latest technology from a huge display screen to a turbo AND super charged engine. Karl Brauer fills us in on the Volvo XC90.

Segment 4: Ferrari and McLaren
Karl Brauer says the Ferrari 588 GTB is an amazingly executed performance car, coming in at $243,000, and it’s worth every penny. Then, we get the scoop on the all new McLaren 570 GT.

Segment 5: Money Well Spent
Lamborghinis and Ferraris are fun to rent or drive once or twice, but Chris Duke would rather spend that money on the Motorz Jeep Wrangler.

Segment 6: Jeep Rubicon
Chris Duke gives us his review of the pre-lifted, trail blazing Jeep Rubicon. Also find out what’s next for the Motorz Jeep Wrangler!

Segment 7: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
BJ Killeen tells us about her upcoming trip to San Diego for the Kia Sportage. We chat about Kia, Volkswagen, and Hyundai and how they’ve grown and improved over the years.

Segment 8: Volvo S90
The Volvo S90 is a stunning, super and turbocharged, 4 cylinder machine! BJ Killeen gives us her impressions of the new sedan from Volvo.

Segment 9: Family Ride
Chrysler has dropped the Town & Country name in favor of the Pacifica. Find out why this new vehicle from Chrysler is perfect for your family!

Segment 10: Car + Buzzard
Alan tells us the story of his multiple Baja 1000 races, and his encounter with a large buzzard at 85 mph.

Segment 11: 1969 Baja Victory
When Rod Hall won the Baja 1000 overall in 1969 in a Bronco, he was the first, and the last to do it in a 4 wheel vehicle. Now, he and Chris Collard are on a mission to restore that Bronco to its former glory.

Segment 12: 50 Years of Baja
After 50 years of Baja racing, Rod Hall has still got it. Chris Collard and Rod Hall fill us in on some race format changes and what’s in the future for Rod.

Segment 13: Breaking News!
Breaking News! If you love your car and the car hobby, pay attention! Alan fills us in on new EPA legislation and how SEMA has our backs.

Segment 14: Fight the Good Fight
Don’t let the EPA take our car hobby away! Learn how to fight this legislation at!

Segment 15: SEMA SAN
Is the EPA’s proposed regulation that would render any race car or truck that was once a street car an illegal piece of equipment a misstep of authority? SEMA President & CEO, Chris Kersting, sounds off.

Segment 16: Automotive Defender
The SEMA Action Network isn’t just for refuting unjust laws, but they also propose many helpful pieces of legislation across the U.S. Chris Kersting explains how you can get involved today!

Segment 17: Fighting Regulations
You might know SEMA for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, but for the rest of the year they are an advocate of the automotive hobby. Chris Kersting goes into detail about the new proposed EPA regulation and describes the process of fighting it.

Segment 18: Best Course of Action
So what is the best course of action against this EPA proposed regulation? Chris Kersting explains why an exemption will be the perfect way to put this controversy to rest.

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Inc. Radio

Meditation and Internships | #61

More and more people in business are centering themselves through meditation each day, find out why you should too! Also, learn why an internship program is the perfect way for students to learn valuable skills, and a great method for businesses to impart practical knowledge on new generations.

Segment 1: From Moscow to Meditation
After moving to the United States from Moscow in 1980, Diamond Mind Founder & CEO, Mila Diamond, was slow to learn English and get on a career path she was interested in. Mila shares how the right mentor and a good dose of meditation helped her conquer English and study computer science.

Segment 2: Focused Energy
“When our focus is dispersed, our energy is discharged, but if we concentrate our energy we can awake a tremendous force within us.” Mila Diamond expresses the importance of a focused mind, in the workplace or anywhere else, and how meditation can help you and your business keep its eyes on the prize.

Segment 3: Focus Your Mind
As entrepreneurs, we balance our business, personal, and social lives and may find it hard to focus. Luckily, Mila Diamond gives us a quick 15 minute exercise that will help quiet our minds and focus our thoughts.

Segment 4: Learn and Let Learn
Internships gives students a hands on experience in an industry they might be interested in, and companies the opportunity to mentor young people and develop new relationships. Intern Queen Inc. Founder & CEO, Lauren Berger, informs us on the benefits of internships.

Segment 5: Unpaid Vs Paid Internships
Having an internship program isn’t a gateway to whimsical-free-worker-land. Lauren Berger fills us in on some rules of unpaid internships and explains why a paid internship might be a better solution.

Segment 6: Stay In Touch
If you’re either looking to start an internship program or become an intern, Intern Queen Inc.’s Lauren Berger has three tips for you! There seems to be one constant, though, always stay in touch!

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Popular Technology Radio

Tech On The Move | #120

We explore the world of mobile tech with the latest from the Mobile World Congress, and tech on the go from companies like Kube and Radiomize this week on Pop Tech Radio.

Segment 1: Phone Friend
In the race to stay relevant, LG brought some new “Friends” to the table at the Mobile World Congress. Editor-In-Chief, Sean Aune, fills us in on this new modular system on LG phones.

Segment 2: VR and Galaxy S7
We take a look at the VR news that came out of the Mobile World Congress, like HTC’s new ‘Vive’ and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Sean Aune also assures any Galaxy S6 users that they won’t feel left out if they don’t get a Galaxy S7, unless you really want the “Always on Display” feature.

Segment 3: iPhone 5se?
We discuss the iPhone 5se, Apple’s rumored new entry level phone, with TechnoBuffalo’s Sean Aune. Also, do we really need scales on our phones? Jason conjectures we may see this feature added due to phones already having the required technology.

Segment 4: The History Project
Create a meaningful narrative with your memories in an online scrapbook. The History Project Co-Founder & CEO, Niles Lichtenstein, explains how their site turns your life story into an interactive narrative.

Segment 5: Akoustic Indiegogo
Don’t miss your opportunity to get your hands on the “A” by AkousticArts, the speaker that only you can hear! Business Developer, Matthieu Ventelon, fills us in on their upcoming Indiegogo campaign that will enable early backers to get these speakers for 65% off!

Segment 6: Nexia Home Intelligence
Pick and choose which features you need in your smart home with Nexia Home Intelligence. Busines Director, George Land, tells us how Nexia can help you control everything in your house from automatic door locks to connected thermostats.

Segment 7: Radiomize
Focus on your drive while staying connected via your smart phone. Founder & CEO, Shmulik Kaz, tells us about Radiomize, a smart steering wheel cover that helps you control your phone and remain safe.

Segment 8: Stop and Drive
Stay safe with Radiomize’s Stop and Drive modes. Shmulik Kaz explains how these modes can detect when you are driving or stopped and block you from sending out going messages or calls while in motion.

Segment 9: Treat SmartCare
Amir Harandi had the dignity and safety of the elderly in mind when he created the Treata SmartCare System. Find out how this system can help you keep an eye on your aging parents or grandparents while giving them the independence they need.

Segment 10: Treata Smart Watch
The aim of the Treata SmartCare System was to keep elderly care affordable, and now for a limited time you can claim yours for $199 on Indiegogo. Amir Harandi fills us in on some of the features of the smart watch and its ease of use.

Segment 11: Kube
It’s almost Summer time again and for all of our adventures we need a good outdoor sound system! Founder & CEO, Russell Williamson, has a solution for us with Kube, a 17″-by-23″ ice chest and Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for your summer escapades!

Segment 12: Cyborg Body Mod
WiFi Breast? Implanted Bluetooth Earphones? How far is too far when it comes to body augmentation?

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Popular Science Radio

EZ Breathe and Extreme Tech | #305

The stuffy air in your house could be killing you! Find out how EZ Breathe can help you breathe easy with their home ventilation system. Then, find out how the Extreme Tech Challenge is helping great ideas like Bloom Technologies get off the ground.

Segment 1: Breathe Easy
Six out of every ten homes are hazardous to live in due to airborne pollutants. EZ Breathe President, Erika Lecroix, has made it her mission to improve the indoor air quality in homes all across America, and is here to tell us how!

Segment 2: Ventilation is Key
The most important tool in your arsenal in your fight against hazardous indoor air is ventilation! Erika Lecroix explains how Ez Breathe’s stand alone unit provides an escape for all the nasty stuff in your building at the lowest level.

Segment 3: Extreme Tech Challenge
The Extreme Tech Challenge saw 1,200 companies enter for a chance to present on stage at next year’s CES. MaiTai Global Co-Founder and Vice President, Bill Tai, explains how a stage at CES isn’t the only reward, winners get publicity, infrastructure products from companies like IBM, and meet many interesting people that can help build their businesses.

Segment 4: Extreme Ideas
When Bill Tai was giving a speech at one of Australia’s largest colleges he looked out in the crowd and thought: “Maybe somebody in this audience has the next hit product.” From there grew the Extreme Tech Challenge, an event that helps accelerate someone’s success if they were already going to be successful.

Segment 5: Bloom Technology and Giroptic
The winner of this year’s Extreme Tech Challenge has already been selected! Bill Tai tells us about Bloom Technology, and their device that helps track the health of a baby in the womb; and runners up, Giroptic, an affordable 360 degree video recording solution.

Segment 6: Sphero
Bill Tai tells us about the 3rd place runner up in the Extreme Tech Challenge, Sphero, the company responsible for iPhone controlled robotic toys and BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Also, find out how your tech idea could be the next big winner of the Extreme Tech Challenge.

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Working Mother Radio

Advocating Politely and Children’s Books #121

Guys have their “Bro Code” and now mothers have their “Moms Code”. Find out how you can help lessen the mama drama, get your position at work covered during parental leave, and when you should start reading to your child.

Segment 1: Girls Night Out
Guys have their “Bro Code” and now we have our “Moms Code”! Author of “The Moms Code”, Eileen Wacker, encourages us to make sure we have a girls night out every once in a while, as rule number one of the Moms Code.

Segment 2: Save Each Other
Save another mom when she’s drowning and let others do the same for you. Eileen Wacker tells us to let go of our ego and accept help or give it when needed, because the people who benefit the most is usually our children.

Segment 3: Advocate Politely
We’ve all had those run-ins with high-drama moms that mean well for their child, but just end up creating unnecessary situations in the end. Eileen Wacker inspires us to lessen the mama drama and advocate for our children and ourselves politely.

Segment 4: Parental Leave Fill-in
More and more companies are changing their parental leave policies to be more accepting and helpful to new parents. Find out how Emissaries Founder & CEO, Michelle Meyer, can help you fill the gap while you are away.

Segment 5: Start At The Beginning
The American Academy of Pediatrics says you should start reading to your kids on day one. Scholastic Books VP and Executive Editorial Director, Eliza Baker, fills us in on “The Story Starts Here”, an initiative that is shining the light on illustrated books for children ages zero to nine.

Segment 6: Keep On Reading
Kid’s love to be read aloud to even up to their teen years, so make sure you keep reading to them! Eliza Baker gives us some great reading material suggestions for our children ages six and up, like “Emma and Julia Love Ballet”, “Two Friends”, and “Owl Diaries”.

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Street Rod & Custom Radio

Car Talk and American Restoration | FULL SHOW | #143

We chat with Jalopnik writer, Jason Torchinsky, about wacky cars, the Acura NSX, and the Jason Drives series. Then, Bodie Stroud of American Restoration gives us an update on the show.

Segment 1: Ask About Their Cars
Dan tells the story of how he got an old lady he’d never met to open up to him at his friends car lot by asking her about the first car she’s ever owned. As Dan always says, if you run into a grumbly person, ask them about their first car and you’ll have a friend for life.

Segment 2: Acura NSX and VW Micro Bus
While the Acura NSX is cool, they lost excitement and gained competition by dragging their feet, says writer, Jason Torchinsky. We chat with Jason about the NSX’s $1,200 floor mats, and the resurgence of the Volkswagen Micro Bus.

Segment 3: Jason Drives
Are we spoiled by the high quality of cars these days? We chat with Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky about some weird and wacky car manufacturing decisions of the past, and the next installment of his “Jason Drives” series, featuring some of the strangest cars he can find.

Segment 4: From The Ground Up
Having a TV show isn’t American Restoration Host, Bodie Stroud’s main goal, he’s much more interested in just doing what he loves: creating his metallic art! Bodie chats about his from-the-ground-up builds featuring custom chassis, suspension, and big horsepower.

Segment 5: American Restoration
When people ask Bodie Stroud what his coolest project in the works is, it’s hard for him to answer, he’s always got multiple awesome projects! Bodie tells us when and where to watch the last 2 episodes of American Restoration, and urges us not to miss the bad ass Mustang finale.

Segment 6: Daytona 500
Was the Daytona 500 boring? Did Danica Patrick ascend to her position too quickly? Dan Longenette and Ryan Baker discuss.

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