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2017 BMW 230i Coupe: A Slice of Heaven

There are nice cars and then there is the 2017 BMW 230i Coupe, a glorious machine that exudes excellence. I had heard about the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, but had never had the pleasure of driving one. This was the perfect introduction. 

The juicy, Valencia Orange paint showed off the coupe’s clean body lines. The M Sport brakes were gorgeously disguised by gleaming 18-inch alloy wheels. The grill, with its sleek chrome-lined trim, sparkled in the sun. I clicked the keyless entry and felt my excitement rise as I walked up to the door handle that would grant me access inside this beautiful beast. 

I opened the door and cozied into the 8-way leather sport seat, instantly feeling right at home. I threw the key fob into the center console and pushed the start button. I could feel the engine power up underneath my feet as I gripped the leather wrapped steering wheel. Looking around, I noticed that the dash configuration was clean, making navigation simple. Wireless charging, a built-in WiFi hotspot, and Apple Car Play conveniently connected my phone with the infotainment system.

As my music began to play through the robust HIFI sound system, it was time to put her in drive and hit the open road. It felt effortless as I pressed the pedal down, like floating. I stealthily crept through town with a potent 248-HP under the hood. The cockpit was silent, easily tuning out the drone of nearby construction.

I hugged the winding road, gliding around corners while the Adaptive M Suspension kept me securely rooted to the ground, the manual transmission shifting smoothly. Reacting with ease, the variable sport steering made me feel steadfastly in control as I zoomed around the bends. The aerodynamic design of the body helped the 230i Coupe slice through the hot summer air. 

After some time testing out the power and the acceleration, it was time to head back to the office. *Cue light sobbing* I could live in the luxurious and classy interior of this car – I didn’t want to get out. What a sweet ride!

AS TESTED: $48,070 – Including Cold Weather Package, Driving Assistance Package, Lighting Package, Premium Package, Track Handling Package, Navigation System and More…

Photo Credit: Stephanie Carlson

Photo Credit: Stephanie Carlson

Photo Credit: Stephanie Carlson

Photo Credit: Stephanie Carlson

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