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Bob Gritzinger's Profile

Bob Gritzinger's Picture

Bob Gritzinger

Veteran automotive journalist Bob Gritzinger, an associate editor at the highly respected industry publication Ward’s Auto, joined ERN after nearly 13 years at the Detroit-based enthusiast publication Autoweek. “Gritz” samples virtually every new vehicle on the market and circles the globe covering car news and auto shows. His work has also appeared on the online publications and, among others.

Gritzinger’s passion for all things automotive dates back to his youth, wrenching on small engines and cars in the yard, and then as an auto mechanic in high school. Journalism called and Gritzinger worked for two decades in the daily newspaper trenches in the Detroit area, writing about everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Jack Kevorkian. He says cars are much more fun.

In his free time, Gritz enjoys paddlesports, boating, skiing, hunting, sports spectating (GO MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS!), volunteer activities and, of course, driving cars.

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